They Thought They Had Hired the Perfect Nanny. They Were Horrified to Learn This.

Getting Answers

The Matneys were convinced that Melissa was doing something to their daughter, but they weren’t quite sure how to prove it. They immediately decided to buy a video camera disguised as a clock and set it up in the living room to monitor what happened when they were away. However, the very first night the camera was set up, the couple returned home and found that it had been tampered with. Talk about a red flag!

“I looked over and I saw the camera sitting there. And it was facing the wall. I immediately — my heart just leapt in my throat,” said Whitney. There was only one way that could have happened – if the nanny had turned it to face the wall. Thinking quickly, Whitney realized that there may have been video from before Melissa turned the camera. Sure enough, the first hours of clips showed Melissa leaving Raylee sitting in her bouncer for hours at a time.

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