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They Thought They Had Hired the Perfect Nanny. They Were Horrified to Learn This.

Today’s parents have it anything but easy. With all the hazards in the home, such as prescription medication, weapons, bathtubs, swimming pools, and small toys, accidents can happen. Not to mention the horrors that may be found on the internet, like predators and bullies. With everything that can go wrong, parents are typically a bundle of nerves when they need to find a responsible person for child care.

Who Can You Trust?

Parents can take advantage of babysitting services, background checks and websites which provide reviews of prospective nannies, but even then finding someone great can be daunting. This was the situation that Chris and Whitney Matney of Springdale, Arizona, found themselves in when they started looking for a nanny for their daughter, Raylee. The Matneys were thrilled when Raylee was born in 2011, and they dreamed of building the perfect little family.

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