July 23, 2019

    Behind the Scenes of A&E’s Flipping Vegas

    A&E’s former TV show Flipping Vegas started a trend of other television shows featuring rehabbers in the Vegas desert. But…
    July 6, 2019

    He Was Abused for 50 Years, But No One Expected the Elephant to Do This

      Elephants have been recognized as one of the most intelligent beasts in the animal kingdom. Sadly, an estimated 15,000…
    July 17, 2019

    13 Actors Who Were Fired for Bad Behavior

    Sometimes the drama behinds the scenes of your favorite television show is more exciting than the storylines on screen. Acting…
    February 8, 2019

    The Secret: Locked in a Coffin and Raped, This Hitchhiker Kept A Terrible Secret

    On May 19, 1977, 20-year old Colleen Stan was a carefree young woman who wanted to go to a party,…
    July 1, 2019

    Hollywood Love: The Celebrity Relationships You Never Knew About!

    Celebrities are just like us: they have long histories of failed romances, friends-with-benefits and late night booty calls. Many celebrities…


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