July 5, 2019

    Trapped in His Body With a Terrible Secret….They Were Shocked When He Told Them the Truth

    The remarkable story of Martin Pistorius is full of twists and turns. Pistorius was in a coma for most of…
    June 29, 2019

    These Photographs Are a Haunting Mystery

    A picture is worth a thousand words. And, sometimes a photograph  can be even more frightening than a really scary…
    July 23, 2019

    Behind the Scenes of A&E’s Flipping Vegas

    A&E’s former TV show Flipping Vegas started a trend of other television shows featuring rehabbers in the Vegas desert. But…
    July 24, 2019

    The Truth About Martha Stewart

    Martha Stewart is a self-made woman who has made both friends and enemies during her life as the leader of…
    July 3, 2019

    After Their Father Died, a Discovery Changed Their Lives Forever

    Mick Carney, a devoted father of two children, was killed in a car accident in 2003. The crash occurred when…


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