July 21, 2019

    When Photographs of Unknown Actress Marilyn Monroe Were Sent to Life Magazine, the Editors Replied With “WTH is Marilyn Monroe?”

    Ed Clark was a longtime Life Magazine photographer who took iconic photographs during the post-war era. He is best remembered…
    July 21, 2019

    Surreal Image Artist Justin Peters Makes Mind-Boggling Art

    Photographer Justin Peters makes mind-bending images inspired by nature, technology and great artists. In creating imaginative images with photoshop, he…
    July 21, 2019

    Man Finds Last Video Filmed by Grandmother, One Week After Her Death

    Technology has changed so rapidly during the last decade that even the biggest tech geeks can’t keep up with it…
    July 21, 2019

    Tom Brady Shocks Bride With Personalized Football Wedding Gift

    Like any bride, Boston’s Jenna was worrying over every last detail associated with her big day. When some of her…
    July 21, 2019

    Simon Cowell Tries to Slag 9 Year Old For Singing Celine Dion. Then He Hears Her Voice

    Few people attempt to sing the song “My Heart Will Go On,” because it is so difficult to sing, not…


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