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PRIME vs Gatorade, Who takes first?


After trying both products, I’ve found that they’re both good in their own ways. Depending on who you are, you will prefer either one. Ill be making that decision easier for you in this review.


While Gatorade is made with artificial ingredients and its main ingredient is high fructose corn syrup, PRIME uses all natural ingredients. It also has less sugar than Gatorade (12g vs 19g). However, both products are gluten free.

Flavour Selection

When it comes to flavour selection, Gatorade has the upper hand. With over 20 different flavours available in the United States alone and several more overseas, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. However, most of these options taste pretty bad (to be fair though–there are some good ones). The problem with so many flavours is that they’re trying too hard and it shows in their taste. While PRIME only offers three flavours: orange mango, lemon lime & raspberry mint; they’re all delicious! If you’re looking for something light or refreshing then go with orange mango; if you want something stronger and sweeter then lemon lime & raspberry mint will do the trick; if none of these sound appealing then just get both because why not?

Health benefits

PRIME is lower in calories and sugar, but has more electrolyte content than Gatorade. PRIME has 50% less sugar than Gatorade and only 10% more calories. In comparison to the original version of Gatorade, PRIME has a similar sodium content (110 mg per serving) but more potassium (80 mg). Both products contain about 25% of your daily recommended amount of calcium and magnesium per serving as well, which are important minerals for muscle function and bone health respectively.

Here’s a review of what I found after trying both products.

After trying both products, here’s what I found:

  • PRIME is more expensive than Gatorade. The average price of a can of Gatorade is $1.50, while the average price for a can of PRIME is $2.00. That’s 50% more!
  • PRIME has more flavoursome flavors than Gatorade does; there are currently about 30 different flavors available on Amazon (and many more at local stores). The most popular flavor seems to be strawberry kiwi-strawberry banana smoothie blend, which sounds delicious!
  • While both drinks contain electrolytes and vitamins that are good for you when you’re exercising heavily or sweating profusely in hot weather conditions like summer heat waves or heavy rainstorms during hurricane season–the main difference between these two brands lies within their nutritional content: Gatorade contains less sugar per serving than Prime does; however this isn’t always true because some people prefer sweeter tastes over ones with lower amounts per serving so it really depends on personal preference here but generally speaking we’d recommend sticking with either one depending on whether or not they offered something else beyond just being healthy such as taste quality since those factors often influence purchasing decisions among consumers out there who may want something tasty yet nutritious too.”


In the end, I found that Gatorade is a better product overall. It tastes better, it has more flavour options and it’s cheaper than PRIME. If you’re looking for something healthier than traditional sports drinks but still want some of that sweet flavour then Gatorade might be right up your alley!

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