They Thought They Had Hired the Perfect Nanny. They Were Horrified to Learn This.

What’s Wrong with Raylee?

Just a few weeks after Medema was hired, Whitney and Chris noticed big changes in their daughter, and it wasn’t good. Raylee was visibly anxious all the time, and she seemed afraid or skittish around her parents. Although it’s normal for children to experience and adjustment period when something in the home changes, Raylee’s problems didn’t seem to be routine. The young parents knew something just wasn’t right.

During the first two weeks that Melissa watched Raylee, she told the parents that the child was taking four hour naps during the day. Whitney couldn’t understand that, since she rarely napped like that during the day. Although Whitney took Raylee to the doctor, he said that the child was probably just behind on her molars, which could throw off her schedule.

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