Nick Lachey is Washed Up: Let Us Count the Ways

#4: His Attempt to Become a Marijuana Kingpin Failed

Lachey stumping for legal weed

Lachey attempted to make a big investment in his future by campaigning for marijuana legalization in his home state of Ohio. The 2015 campaign issue would have permitted a select number of vendors, including Lachey, to launch legal marijuana dispensaries. Ohio voters rejected the measure, but not for the reasons you may think. Voters were angered by the selectivity of the marijuana law, which would have allowed owners of just ten farms to legally grow and sell weed. There was a backlash against people like Lachey getting a monopoly to make money from pot sales.

The bill lost at the ballot box in November of 2015, and Lachey’s dreams of being a Marijuana Kingpin went down the drain.

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