Everything You Must Know About the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann 10 Years Later

The Tapas Bar
Who are the seven people who spent the evening with the MCanns at the tapas bar?

The night Maddie disappeared, the McCanns were out at a tapas bar enjoying dinner with friends. They say they frequently called to check in on their three children. Despite claiming that the restaurant was as close as a back garden, it was actually 120 yards away from the room, where the kids were left unattended.

Friend Matt Oldfield checked on the children at 9:30 pm when he returned to the apartment complex to check on his own children, who were staying right next door.

Oldfield says he cannot say definitively whether Maddie was in bed when he checked on her. He saw her twin siblings, who were sleeping in the same room. Oldfield’s statement is inconsistent, since he observed the twins breathing and their cot was on the other side of Maddie’s bed. Oldfield would’ve had to look straight over Maddie’s bed to see the twins.

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