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These Placements Are Hilarious

Have you ever seen two things that were just in the right place at the right time? For instance, a growling dog hovering over a “Beware of Dog” sign? Sometimes it seems like the placement of items or people was just a perfect match that must be photographed. When the things combine, it makes us laugh or sometimes, think. These have to be some of the funniest placed signs yet!

They Didn’t Carrot about Ad Placement At All…or Did They?


You can’t help but laugh at this combination. One big juicy carrot, and one amply-placed behind. I have to think that the ad company knew exactly what they were doing when these two images were combined.

Fifty Shades of LOL

You’re fifty shades of hilarious, Walmart

Well-played, Walmart. First you put the package of handcuffs next to the Fifty Shades of Grey display, then you add the Carrie Underwood CD that advertises a song called “Good Girl.” You probably provided more entertainment to the internet than Fifty Shades ever did.


All My Friends Are Dead

You could use this for Harry Potter too…sorry!

The Starks and the Lannisters could certainly read this book, couldn’t they? A clever bookstore clerk or shopper decided to put this gift book in just the perfect spot. Right between a collection of Game of Thrones/A Song of Fire and Ice media. Might as well pick it up and read it while wating for George R.R. Martin to finish Winds of Winter then!

They Stole Your Look

He’s a fashion plate…er…sign

This is probably one of the weirdest coincidences we’ve seen. Of course he’d stop and smile in the same pose by the picture. When does this sort of thing happen to you?

We’re at the Intersection of Yum and Delicious

How about a new addition to your diet?

Texas Whataburger executives probably scouted out the perfect spot for their next advertisement and lo and behold, they found it. Where else put near Burger Addition road? That’s right, now you can go and add a burger as an addition to your day.

The Glory of Beef, Juicy

Behold their glory

Another burger sign placement that was just perfect. Behold Jesus…and the beefy, juicy glory of the McDonalds burger. What really makes it is that the Jesus sign literally just says “JESUS” in big capital letters.


UNintentional sign placement

From burger fun to a heavier topic comes this image of a UN hat combining with a sign to say “Uninvolved in peace.” Well, that one will make you think, huh?

Cat Got Your Sign?

He meowed for your sins (and kibble)

Jesus billboards get placed next to the funniest signs, don’t they? This one is next to a cat sign, and the designer surely planned this, because the cat’s paws are outstretched too! Of course, maybe the Jesus billboard came first? The kitty sign is advertising cat food and maybe the cat is saying “Your cat will love it this much”? Either way, LOL!

Where’s Daddy?

The sign seems to know where’s Daddy…

Well, someone knows where Daddy is! A stripper joint or “gentleman’s club” sign next to a sign about a little girl’s daddy? Yeah, that’s some ridiculous placement! There were probably other signs on the road that wouldn’t have created this combination, but let’s just be thankful that this was the one that did!

Bikini Weather It’s Not

It’s sure not bikini weather

The bikini-clad girl is supposed to make you feel like having some beach or pool fun, but when it’s flooding, the last thing on your mind is a bikini! Or maybe you think well, at least this suit is meant to get wet! But wow, what a flood, and what a funny sign placement!

Taxi! On second thought…

Who would hail that taxi?

Yikes, that is not a good place for a door handle. You know what? I think I might just want to hail another taxi. I just can’t see myself grabbing that door handle! It’s such a large picture, don’t you think they could’ve shrank him down a bit? This is a Swedish ad and well..okay.

Talking a Proper Bit of Shop

Get your home and a scone in one!

Where can you get a bit of tea and a home? This charming combo of shops. The best part of this is the fact both signs say “Serving.” You know you’d smile if you came upon this on a stroll, don’t lie.

Do They Hear the People Scream?

I dreamed a dream..er..scream

Les Miserables has been crossed with an image from The Shining here thanks to the LACMA banner. Honestly, I think I’d see that crossover. Allwork and no play makes Jean Valjean a very bad boy!

A Street Named Fell

One felled street, that is

Does this happen a lot? You’d think that people would be unable to resist taking down the sign for an Instagram photo op.

We Won’t

So don’t even think we will

This is a good motto for us all. If we can’t, we won’t. It’s the epitome of not trying. Someone should’ve thought the text placement over a bit.

Mama Needs

This is more parents’ needs, am I right?

Are we sure these are baby needs, and not mama needs? The placement of this sign in a store had to have raised some eyebrows, and yet, it’s still hanging there. Maybe the placer has a young kid and knows exactly what parents need.

Sex Ed at the Ball Park

A warning?

Hmm.. you know they sat like this on purpose. It’s like sex education at the ball park.


Oh my, that kitty is peeking through the skirt

Well, someone came along and and tore this sign in just the right place..the kitty. Now that cat’s out of the bag..er..skirt?

She’s a Real Cool Cucumber

No words

Wow.  Well, I guess your mom wants to make a nice dish of cucumber salad… yep, we’ll leave it at that. Happy Mother’s Day! Hey, they reminded you of the date and everything!

Muddy Message

That’s a crappy thing to happen

That advertising is pretty crappy, wouldn’t you  say? Luckily this model’s face isn’t shown or she’d be mortified like her lingerie advertisement has gone so literally filthy.

Here to Take Your Blood

So is this car a blood drive?

Only a blood banker would have such a great sense of humor as to buy a vampire-themed license plate. Besides, real vampires would never call attention to themselves like



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