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19 Funny Dad Fails

From “I’m babysitting my kids” to “how do I braid my little girl’s hair” dads sometimes have a difficult time with this parenting thing. We’ve gathered 19 funny images posted by real life dads and moms. We’ll let you decide how many of these are fails, how many are creative loafing and which ones are just plain funny.

He Can Do Hair in a Zip


A young girl’s hair can send dads into a frenzy of wondering what to use to create a simple ponytail. This girl needed her ponytail to participate in a game, so Dad got clever with something around the house: zip ties.

He Can Parent and Have His Cake Too


After holding his young daughter for two hours straight to help her fall asleep, this dad had a big appetite. He says that this is the only way she will stay asleep, so what’s a dad to do? Dig into a plate on her back, of course.

Cowabunga, Dad

All he needs is Splinter to guide him

When he saw an opportunity to turn his baby into one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this dad took it. Now the baby’s Halloween costume is all sorted out.

Swinging Made Easy

Dad IS the swing

We all know pushing someone in a swing can be tedious, but there’s an easier way to let your child swing to their heart’s content, and this dad found it: Just tie a rope to the swing, and pull when needed!

Safety Fail


Trying to prevent the baby from wandering off? This dad decided to deal with a newly-crawling baby by tying her onesie to the leg of the crib.


Smiling like a boss

Dressing the boy for school? No problem! The mom who took this photo said her husband got a little carried away with dressing his tot as an old man for school. A cane and painted-on mustache completed the fanciful look.

Papa Joe?

Who’s your daddy?

One step down from dressing baby in a Tom Hardy shirt, this dad thought it would be hilarious to put makeup on his son to make him look like comedian Joe Rogan. Now that you mention it though, the baby does look a lot like Rogan. Perhaps we need a paternity test?

Pooling His Resources

Dad’s day in

This dad’s ideal father’s day had nothing to do with golf. Instead he’s sitting in a baby pool and playing a video game while his three kids wait on him with a remote control, beer and towel.

Heil Baby

Still cute

Leave it to dad to make a Hitler joke using his little girl. This photo was taken after the baby’s aunt asked how her niece was doing. Dad gave her a little mustache. If you ask us, the baby still looks adorable is that wrong!?

Tortilla Ghost Child

What the heck?!?

Who knows how this picture came about. It looks as if dad had some fun with a giant tortilla – or maybe a pancake? Either way, mom will be ribbing him about turning their child into a ghost-tortilla for years.

The Letter of the Law

Ticket to ride

Dad became a hero in this photograph after his wife insisted their two children stay in bed. Dad took matters into his own hands, giving the kids a fun joyride while they remained in place. A+ for a creative way to not break the rules.


He woke up like this

This dad surveyed the situation and decided the best way to get his baby girl to stay in her princess bed was to do a face-plant himself. Just don’t drool on the carpet!

Ifs, Ands and Buts

Butt why?

This daughter is getting the short end of the stick on this bike ride, no butts about it.

Snow Patrol

Snow problem

Who needs a Baby-Bjorn when you can just tuck the baby right into your coat, am I right dad? At least he remembered to dress her in a warm winter hat.

Dad 101

No labels

When mom brought home a label maker to help get the household organized, dad decided to label the baby. That’s one way to remember how the baby differs from the dog.

Nap Time

Who’s the sleepy head now?

Even this baby looks a bit perturbed that dad decided to shirk his duties by taking a nap. Good effort from dad though, at least he didn’t leave his kid alone.

A Bun Time

Very bunny

Lots of dads have been flummoxed by their daughter’s hair styling request. Who knows if dad really knew what a bun was, but he certainly made sure this new style didn’t take much time. Surely a bun time was had by all.

Winning Effort


And they say men can’t multitask!

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