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Trapped in His Body With a Terrible Secret….They Were Shocked When He Told Them the Truth

The remarkable story of Martin Pistorius is full of twists and turns. Pistorius was in a coma for most of seven years. When he came out of it, his parents were euphoric; but their celebration didn’t last. Pistorius had something to say, and it was terrible.

Martin’s family shortly before he fell ill

Our story begins in 1988. Pistorius was like any other happy and healthy young boy growing up in South Africa. No one could have known that his idyllic childhood was about to be shattered, and how these events would shape the rest of his life.

Martin and his siblings

On an otherwise ordinary January day in 1988, Pistorius  came home from school. The 12-year-old didn’t feel well, complaining of a scratchy throat and general uneasiness. Sadly, that seemingly innocent sore throat would soon develop into an illness that would remove him from school for a decade.  Pistorius, back then,  began to feel weaker and weaker as he struggled with his mystery illness. He didn’t want food and was suddenly sleeping for hours and hours each day. Then, things took a turn for the worse.

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