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Tom Brady Shocks Bride With Personalized Football Wedding Gift

Like any bride, Boston’s Jenna was worrying over every last detail associated with her big day. When some of her best friends from Boston mentioned they were sending her a wedding day, they added a tantalizing clue: they said it would help her get ready before the wedding.

Jenna didn’t realize what she would be getting, so she thanked them for their thoughtfulness and then returned for wedding planning. Jenna probably thought the gift was something to wear or something that would help her document her marriage.

Bride and groom are shocked at Brady Wedding Gift

Jenna could never have known how far off track she was with her guesses. The most important detail about the present is that it was being sent from Boston. As the video below demonstrates, Jenna is opening the special wedding present and assuming that it is just another something from her wedding registry list. But she couldn’t be more wrong.

With Jenna’s friends watching via FaceTime, she is stunned as the box turns out to be a football!

An unforgettable wedding gift for a football fan

But not just any football. Jenna was opening an autographed football from Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady. Jenna and her fiance are gigantic football fans. In fact, when she sent “save the date” cards to her guests, they feature Jenna and her betrothed wearing football jerseys.

Jenna is so excited she starts jumping up and down. Even her fiance is extremely shocked at such a gift. Even better, Brady wrote “Congratulations on the wedding” right on the football, blowing away the happy couple.

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