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Fitness Leadership Course Reflection

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In the Fitness Leadership course, I’ve gained a deep understanding of leadership, exploring three vital lessons we have learned over the semester: Leadership Skills, Group Dynamics (both unsuccessful and successful examples), and the Pillars of Leadership. I will be talking about Tim Tebow’s diverse leadership roles, my experience teaching basketball to the grade 9 and 10 gym classes, and reflections on group dynamics within the Hayden Football Team and Full Circle Judo Club Camp. As I venture into entrepreneurship and economics at university, the lessons learnt in this class will help me when navigating challenges and opportunities in future relationships and business endeavors.

Leadership Skills

What I Learned:

Exploring Tim Tebow’s diverse leadership roles in the assignment “Through My Eyes – Tim Tebow Review” provided valuable insights that enhanced my understanding of leadership skills. Tim Tebow’s commitment to philanthropy, broadcasting, and professional football highlighted key elements crucial for effective leadership: responsibility, collaboration, and adaptability. 

How I Learned It:

This assignment deepened my understanding of leadership, highlighting the lasting impact of strong principles and a relentless work ethic in Tim Tebow’s inspiring story.  Raised in a Baptist missionary upbringing in the Philippines, Tebow’s commitment to spreading Christian faith forms the base of his leadership foundation. His journey, from high school team captain to leading the Florida Gators and the Denver Broncos, illustrates a servant leadership style by always putting his family and teammates first. Tebow’s influence extends beyond football through philanthropy, emphasizing leadership by example, inspirational speeches, and high moral standards. 

Why It Will Help Me in the Future:

After learning about Tim’s leadership style and its effectiveness I am confident that by integrating his inspiring and determined leadership style while always putting my group members first will help me have success when working in groups in the future. As I venture into entrepreneurship and delve into the study of economics at university, these leadership skills will be very significant. Tebow’s inspirational leadership style, shown clearly in impactful speeches and philanthropy, becomes a model for motivating and influencing others – a critical skill for business success. Emphasizing high moral and ethical standards aligns with the values crucial for building trust and credibility in the business world. 

Group Dynamics: Successful and Unsuccessful

Group Dynamics: Unsuccessful – Hayden Football Team

What I Learned:

My experience as one of the four captains on the Hayden Football Team revealed challenges associated with social loafing, where some team members displayed little effort, impacting the team’s overall collaboration and performance negatively. The lack of a culture emphasizing individual responsibility and accountability contributed to the team’s struggles and caused us to have a really disappointing season.

How I Learned It:

After studying group dynamics and learning about social loafing I am now able to reflect on our practices and games where the distraction caused by social loafing led to a lack of unity and coordination on the field. Plays were frequently executed incorrectly, and the team struggled to reach its full potential. The leaders of the team, including myself, didn’t effectively create a culture that stressed individual responsibility and failed to address the issue, allowing it to continue as worsen as the season went on. 

Why It Will Help Me in the Future:

Now with a full understanding of group dynamics I am conscious of the importance of proactive leadership in addressing group dynamics. To fix social loafing a shift in leadership strategies is necessary. Something that is needed for future group success is team-building activities emphasizing trust and collaboration. As well as monitoring team dynamics and establishing clear expectations and consequences for lack of effort. These lessons will guide my approach to leadership in both relationships and business, ensuring a culture of accountability in future group endeavors. 

Group Dynamics: Successful – Full Circle Judo Club Camp Counsellor 

What I Learned:

With my knowledge that I have gained over the course of the semester I can now look back on my time working at the summer camp and recognize the group dynamics that led to our success. Working as a camp counsellor at Full Circle Judo Club Summer Camp showcased successful group dynamics, particularly in conflict resolution, social loafing mitigation, and the formation of groups. Daily conflicts with children aged 4-10 required quick resolution, and effective leadership roles played a significant role in managing challenges. 

How I Learned It: 

Navigating conflicts at the summer camp, such as encountering a homeless person under the influence on the property, required swift action to ensure the safety of the children. The camp counselors took on multiple leadership roles, including conflict resolution specialists, caregivers, and organizers, to address issues properly and quickly. 

Why It Will Help Me in the Future: 

The positive dynamics at the summer camp showcase the significance of effective leadership roles in addressing various group challenges. The experience has helped my understanding of conflict resolution, work ethic, sympathy and the importance of inclusive leadership styles. These insights will guide my future decisions in the workplace, ensuring a proactive and adaptable approach to managing group dynamics for overall success.   

Looking back on these contrasting group dynamics and leadership styles provides valuable information into their critical role in group success or failure. The experiences as a summer camp counsellor showcase the positive impact of effective conflict resolution, while the challenges faced by the Hayden Football team highlight the need for holding team members accountable to enhance overall team performance. These lessons serve as a foundation for my understanding of group dynamics and leadership roles, influencing my future success when working in groups.

Pillars of Leadership

What I Learned: 

Teaching basketball with my group members taught me three critical leadership principles: responsibility, collaboration, and adaptability. Effectively managing the session required taking responsibility for the students’ well-being, collaborating seamlessly with my teammates, and adapting strategies based on the class environment to help maximize enjoyment for the grade 9 and 10 students. 

How I Learned It: 

Running the basketball session was a hands-on lesson in leadership. Careful planning ensured a safe and engaging experience for the students, and collaborating with my classmates allowed us to blend fun and education together well. We managed to run drills successfully to increase knowledge and understanding as well as playing games to let the students try out the new skills they learned. Adapting our original plan in real-time showed the importance of having a plan B for when things aren’t going as planned in leadership.  

Why It Will Help Me in the Future:

As I venture into entrepreneurship and pursue economics at university, these leadership principles are very valuable to me. Taking responsibility aligns with the strategic decision-making necessary in entrepreneurship, where each choice impacts the businesses trajectory. Collaboration is crucial for building effective business networks, and adaptability is needed to navigating the dynamic business landscape, allowing for quick responses to changes in the workplace. These lessons, learned through hands-on engagement, will play a role in shaping my decision-making skills in the dynamic landscapes of both business and economics.


Throughout the Fitness Leadership course, I have gathered knowledge on several valuable lessons that have significantly changed my perspective on leadership and management. As I grow and develop as a person in the future, the knowledge obtained in this course becomes an important compass, guiding me through various group work and leadership activities. The important lessons about leadership skills, group dynamics, and the pillars of leadership will undoubtedly serve as a solid foundation for success in future relationships and business ventures. With this newly found understanding, I am prepared to tackle the challenges and opportunities that await in the dynamic world of business, using the skills I’ve learned during my Fitness Leadership journey.


Written By Jayden Fuller

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