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He Was in a Terrible Coma for Months. They Were Shocked When He Did This.


Matt and Danielle

The day you get married is the day your life begins anew. Many newsleyweds look forward to starting this new chapter of their lives. When you get married, two become one, and you may think of making big changes in your life. Whether it’s buying a house or starting a family, many newlywed couples make plans to be together forever. High school sweethearts Matt and Danielle had the same dreams as other couples. The two had been married for just 6 months, and thought they had all of the in the world for their plans. They didn’t know that their happiness could be so quickly shattered with a horrific accident.

Their New Love

Matt and Danielle together, ready to take on the world

Danielle and Matt met in Georgia in 2010 when they were in high school, and quickly became inseparable. Indeed, friends and family thought they were perfectly matched. They loved spending time with each other, and soon, the next step came — wedding bells.

The couple had a ceremony in Forsyth Georgia. At the time, they were barely in their twenties, but they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Danielle, 23, was deeply in love with Matt, 22, and it seemed like everything would be perfect. That all ended on July 2011.

The Crash

Matt’s motorcycle after the crash

Matt was on his way to work one day in July, and was riding his motorcycle along a Georgia highway. The ride was uneventful until he came upon another vehicle — a Jeep stopped in a merging lane. Matt didn’t see the Jeep was in front of him until he came right up upon it, but by then, it was too late for him to swerve to avoid it. He violently crashed into the Jeep and slid across the road from the force of the collision. That crash would alter the course of Danielle and Matt’s life in a way they never saw coming.

Injury and Chance of Survival

Matt had brain injury from the collision

The accident was brutal as Matt struck the Jeep at full speed with little time to stop. An ambulance came to the scene and rushed him to the hospital but the journey to recovery was far from over. Once at the hospital, doctors weren’t optimistic about Matt’s chances. Not only did he have several broken bones, but he also had significant brain damage. The doctors did what they could but Matt was on life support for 9 days with little change in his condition. They told Danielle to prepare for the end….

Not Saying Goodbye

Danielle wouldn’t leave his side

This wasn’t goodbye for Danielle, and she refused to give up on Matt’s recovery. Despite the doctors saying his chances of waking up were just 1 in 10, she didn’t want to pull him off life support. Instead, Danielle spent hours by his side, knowing that the two could survive anything, even this.

What Lie Ahead

Danielle knew she could get Matt back and had faith

The doctors told them straight: The prognosis wasn’t good. Matt and others like him only had a 10% chance of gaining back independent function if they woke up. Danielle and Matt’s life would have to change dramatically if that were the case, and she may have to make the right decision. In the face of all of this, Danielle continued to have hope and faith in her husband’s strength. She refused to let him go.

Their New Life

Matt had a ways to go in his recovery

The doctors respected Danielle’s wishes and had Matt remain on life support. Danielle took her husband home to care for him, and to try to nurture him back to health. It was a journey she didn’t know how long would take. The answer was not weeks, but months. Still, she remained positive about their future. Danielle and her mother cared for Matt around the clock.

Caring for Matt

Matt was severely injured but his caregivers were determined

The life of a caregeiver is hard, with very little time to yourself. Matt was completely dependent on Danielle and her mother for everything. He was unable to use the bathroom on his own, and machines helped him keep him alive. Matt needed over 20 medications and had to do physical therapy on his limbs, and Danielle was there for all of it. It seemed that this was the new normal for the couple but then…

A Change in Matt

Danielle was elated to see Matt open his eyes

Things seemed like they would remain bleak. Matt had no response to anything for months but one day, he opened his eyes. It seemed like a miracle, and it was to all around him. Matt was finally showing a response after his accident, and he was able to acknowledge Danielle. He could track Danielle’s movements around the room with his eyes, and he had begun to try to speak. This progress meant so much to Danielle, their friends and their family. That wasn’t all that happened either..

Matt’s Progress

Matt has made leaps and bounds in his recovery

Matt continued to make progress. Danielle continued to care for him with love and patience. One day as she put him through the paces for his physical therapy, he spoke to her. Next he responded to her command with “I’m trying,” and of course, she was elated. Bit by bit, Matt was fighting to get back to who he used to be. Of course, recovery would be slow but worth it. Soon they learned how the accident had affected his memory.

Continuing to Recover

Matt kept getting stronger and gaining more function

Unfortunately, Matt had a ways to go towards recovery. His memory had been affected by the accident, and he was unable to remember three years of his life. Danielle didn’t give up, however, and soon he did remember, just slowly. Matt spent three months in rehab, doing physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. All of his hard work paid off as he was soon showing huge improvements in function.

Matt’s Unbelievable Journey

Matt could even stand with a walker

Matt could walk, with a walker, talk to his wife, understand and respond to a joke, laugh, and do other human functions we all take for granted. He could even eat and drink without assistance. Danielle chronicled all of his strides on the Matt Davis Recovery Facebook page, and continued to remain by his side. Next came a financial blow they didn’t see coming..

Seeking Help and a New Beginning

Danielle knew she could get Matt back and had faith

The insurance company refused to pay for Matt to have any more treatment, and Danielle was forced to turn to crowdfunding. She launched a GoFundMe page to ask for money to pay for the treatment. The two asked for $104,000 to help with treatment and received $82,000. The money came at a time when they would mark 5 years since Matt’s accident. As for Danielle, it seemes she saw Matt’s future differently than the doctors did, and she knew anything was possible with love. The couple continues to share Matt’s progress on social media, and takes one day at a time.

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