Why You Need "Deep Sleep"

This is What Happens in Your Body During Deep Sleep

October 17th, 2019

Are you feeling:

and because of it are you…

Yes. It can be brutal, debilitating, paralyzing.


It can cost you your job, relationships, happiness.

Lack of quality sleep can be disastrous

Lack of sleep (more specifically, a lack of therapeutic/restorative sleep) is a modern world epidemic.

And there is plenty of cringe-worthy evidence revealing the wake of destruction it can leave behind.

Lack of sleep increases Heart Attack Risk

Consider this. There’s a study that shows that during Daylight Savings, after a LOSS OF JUST 1 HOUR OF SLEEP, acute heart attacks rise by 24%. Conversely in the fall, after one hour of sleep is regained, heart attacks are reduced by 21%.


And think about how things start to break down when you’re tired. Think about how your productivity and your quality of life suffers when you’ve lacked sleep over a long period of time.

Now think about how complex and important “sleep processes” must be that you are required to be unconscious and immobilized throughout its duration.

Everything that happens during sleep is meant to keep every aspect of you functioning optimally.
It’s during sleep (more specifically deep sleep) when all forms of emotional and physical healing take place.

The problem is that often we never get to the deep stages of sleep where all the therapeutic benefits occur.
We get stuck in the preliminary stages because the accumulation of our anxiety, stress and unhealthy lifestyle block our entry into the “healing segments” of sleep.

Physical Healing During “Deep Sleep”

Mental/Emotional Healing During “Deep Sleep”

We understand, sometimes life is so hectic that you can’t get to bed at a reasonable hour, or sometimes responsibilities keep you up at night. We’re not here to judge or to tell you how to run your life because life gets complicated…

But what we are saying is that when you do finally lie down, you have to ensure you’re going to make it to the “healing stages” of sleep.