20 Years of Anxiety Cured Overnight

Contributed by Angie Newport, one of Originol’s loyal subscribers.

For 20 years I struggled with Anxiety. I can best describe my “default setting” as this general feeling of unease and paranoia that would never go away.

I suffered through every side effect listed on medication labels. I spent years being constipated, burdened with headaches, carrying around a non-existent libido, and laying awake all night, unable to sleep (thus battling debilitating fatigue).

I Just Needed “Real” Sleep.

A  friend of mine bought me a weighted blanket because she heard they helped with Anxiety. At that point, I was willing to try anything so I slept with it that night.


The next morning I was a new person.

Yes. One night of “proper sleep” literally changed my life! 

I had the deepest, most restful sleep of my life (up to that point). That week was my most productive at work and I was promoted 2 weeks later.

Eventually I was off all my medication. And now, I no longer suffer the brutal side effects that I had lived with for almost 20 years.

Getting those first few nights of “real sleep” allowed me to feel what it was like to be “truly rested”. I was able to spend my “new energy” on the other important aspects of my life. I had more meaningful interactions with family and friends, I joined a gym, and I even started my own blog.

All of this started because I finally got a good night’s sleep.