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Why This Product Will Change The Way You Read

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In this digital age of society, there is always something going on around us that is ready to stimulate, or overstimulate, our senses. Every second of every day, we are bombarded with flashing lights and carefully crafted images- fast-paced living with never-ending duties and ongoing responsibilities. It can be hard to shut out all the static noise when setting your mind to a task- especially when it comes to reading and absorbing information.

Whether reading for pleasure or work, if you are having trouble concentrating on the words- then you could greatly benefit from the perfect reading companion- a weighted blanket.

So how can a weighted blanket change the way you read?

Well for starters, this product was initially created to help treat an array of issues, and their use was often recommended by therapists and psychiatrists. Heavy therapy blankets were designed to aid people with Asperger Syndrome, Autism, ADD and ADHD, Restless Leg Syndrome, sensory disorders, and anxiety and depression. In recent years, weighted blankets have evolved into a must-have mainstream product, as health and wellness enthusiasts promote their use for everyday living. And having tried out the Kudd.ly brand of weighted blankets during recent reading sessions, we can see why!

Calms the Nerves

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These heavier-than-normal blankets use weighted beads, secured and evenly dispersed throughout the fabric to create a gentle pressure around the user. Much like a baby being swaddled, using these blankets can create a sense of security, calming the nervous system by way of deep touch pressure. This pressure emulates the sensation of a hug, which is known to create a chemical reaction in the brain that releases dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin- aka the happy hormones.

Increase Productivity

A double dose of dopamine anyone? Dopamine is also responsible for reward-driven behaviour. Therefore, setting a goal- say reading for a set time- and following through with it, can send a surge of pleasure through our body. Recent scientific studies have delved into the importance of dopamine, and how the chemical has further-reaching effects through the body and mind than first thought.


By setting new reading goals each time you sit down with your book- and using your weighted blanket to achieve them- you could see a rise in productivity. Your dopamine levels could increase too, which in turn will further stimulate such goal-oriented behaviour.

Promotes Focus

Deep pressure stimulation can also reduce restlessness and improve focus. It can be difficult to shut out the rest of the world when taking a quiet moment for yourself- especially when there are a million other things to do with your family, for work, and around the house. By enveloping yourself in a weighted blanket at these times, such responsibilities don’t seem so pressing, allowing you to focus on whats in front of you. Enjoying a book with one of these in your lap can effectively help quiet your mind and body, so you can more easily process and absorb the words your reading .

Great for Children and Adults

Kudd.ly blankets offer all of these benefits and more, but at a reasonable price point that fairs much better than other specialized therapy blankets on the UK market today. Weighing in at 5kg, these blankets are suitable for anyone over 30kg in weight, and 6+ years of age, making them a great reading companion for both children and adults.

Next time you find yourself sitting down with a good book, grab the Kudd.ly blanket, and you could focus quicker, concentrate for longer, and absorb more information in each reading session!

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