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What’s in Style This Summer? The Top 5 Fashion Trends in 2021

You’re going to see these everywhere. And if you don’t have them, you’re going to want them.

With warmer days here, so is spring/summer 2021 fashion. Now that lockdown is finally out, bright colours are so in right now, but we believe comfort fashion is only just beginning. We’ve spent an entire year enjoying comfort and now it’s time to take that comfort outdoors. From bright pastel coloured hoodies to colourful slides, here’s what everyone will be wearing this summer.

The top 5 fashion trends this 2021:

5. Pastels

To counter the darkness we’ve endured, many designers are looking to soften things up with splashes of colour this season. This means soft yellows, sky blues, baby pinks, alluring coral. In fact, many of these colours can already be seen on the runways and the red carpet.

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4. Long Flowy Dresses


Who doesn’t love a super cute summer dress? And the longer and the more flowy the better. This spring summer 2021 is all about feeling free which means oversized and loose fitting. So start filling your closet.

Shop the trend.

3. Wide – Loose Fitting Clothing


No one likes feeling cramped up anymore and that includes how we feel in our clothes. Skinny jeans are out and loose fitting, wide-leg pants are in—uh, hello nineties! People want the room to move and feel free, so pack up that tight restrictive clothing and free yourself.

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2. Massive Hoodies

The massive hoodie blanket has been growing in popularity all year and all over the world. It’s extremely versatile and can be worn comfortably indoors or outdoors. We’ve started seeing people wearing them at the beach and enjoying cosy sunsets. One thing is for sure. People’s Instagram feeds have been taken over by these super cute and extra-fun garments.

Seriously, you’re missing out on all the fun if you haven’t got one of these.

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1. Cushioned Slides

These are not only super colourful and fun, they’re also extremely comfortable and everyone has a pair, or two, or three. Wear them to the beach with your bathing suit and cover up, wear them with your loose flowing dresses while walking the dog, or wear them with your massive hoodie at home—either way, these cushioned slides are the sandal slipper of the year and they’re only just getting started.

Haven’t got a pair yet? You’re so behind.

Shop the trend and get your comfy look on.

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