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UK Millionaire Tortured By Insomnia Discovers Closely Guarded Secret

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Darren Reicher is an intelligent, dedicated, millionaire businessman who everybody admired.

He graduated from Business School in the UK at the top of his class. By his mid-twenties, he had already made his first million and became heavily sought-after by companies looking to take their profits to the next level.

Youthful, rich and desired by many women, it was easy to assume that Darren was living the good life.

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But Darren was struggling. He was hanging by a thread. He could no longer hold it together because he could not sleep.

He used downers to try to get to sleep. And used stimulants to combat the brain fog, drowsiness and anxiety. It became impossible to manage and made him feel worse.

Eventually, the delusions and hallucinations landed him in the hospital.

What the sleep specialists said

Darren travelled the world to get tested by the top medical specialists.

Various Sleep Studies diagnosed him with Insomnia, Restless Leg Syndrome, Sleep Apnea and even Sleep Walking (even though Darren was never really asleep). None of the prescribed medications or supplements helped.

Sleep is a very complex process in the human body. There are many things we do not understand,” said one Doctor in Manchester. “Based on our tests, the best thing to do is to continue to take the medication.”

Darren was already struggling with the side effects created by the cocktails of pharmaceuticals circulating through his body. On top of being exhausted, he now felt like his insides were rotting.

Darren recalled a Japanese classmate from Business School who was always glowing with energy. Darren always admired how healthy he looked and how calm he seemed even during the most stressful times of the year. Out of desperation, he decided to contact him.

“Go to this Ryokan (a spiritual retreat) where many go to find solutions for their health problems,” his Japanese former classmate told him.

The secret revealed

Darren booked his trip to the Ryokan retreat. When he first arrived, the Spiritual Leader took one look at Darren and gave him a very warm and empathetic look. He approached Darren, put his arms around him, then gave a firm yet gentle hug. Darren’s body immediately melted into deep relaxation.

There are emotional centers in the body that are strongly linked to deep touch,” he said. “The more you nurture your body’s response to touch, the more the body will  be in tune with your health and happiness.”

Darren was brought to a small room and told to sit cross-legged. A blanket was draped over his shoulders. His body immediately melted into relaxation the same way it did when he was hugged by the spiritual leader.

He was told to sit upright with the blanket for 20 minutes. It was the most relaxing 20 minutes he had ever experienced in his life. That was until he was told to lie on his back.

The blanket was heavy but not overbearing. He was instructed to take deep breaths. With each exhale, he fell deeper into tranquillity. A tingling sensation enveloped his body. And after 7 minutes of being flat on his back, he was asleep.

When Darren awoke, he felt that he could hardly move a muscle. He was so relaxed under that blanket and felt as if all his worries had melted away. The Spiritual leader returned and helped remove the blanket off of Darren.

“So, how was the sleep?” he asked.

Darren stretched and looked at the Spiritual Leader. “I need to get myself one of those!” he responded. He couldn’t believe how rested his body felt after sleeping under the blanket. It was as if the blanket was hugging him the whole time, squeezing out his fatigue.


The answer he was looking for

The Spiritual Leader explained to Darren about Deep Pressure Touch.

“Blankets like this one use Deep Pressure Touch to imitate the feeling of being in a firm, warm embrace. That sensation instantly provides a feeling of relief and relaxes the body, mind, and soul.”

Appreciating the trip to the Ryokan retreat and the massive relief he felt from spending just a few hours under the blanket, Darren spent his entire flight home reading up on articles about sleep deprivation and weighted blankets.

He could not believe that no one had suggested such a simple, yet effective method to help him overcome his battle with sleep. Just the thought of draping a blanket around your body to ease away stress seemed absurd, but Darren knew it worked. It was the answer he was looking for.

Finding that secret in the UK

Darren created lists, compared stats and reviews, and scoured the internet to find the best option for him. There were several international brands that Darren found to be popular, so he ordered a few different ones to test them out.

One blanket was too heavy, making it uncomfortable to sleep in. Another was just way too warm and caused Darren to sweat excessively. Whatever he tried, Darren just couldn’t find a blanket to match the one from the Ryokan retreat.

Darren felt as if the solution he thought he had found was slipping away. He spent countless nights tossing and turning, trying to experience that restful sleep again that he had just a short while ago.

Distraught, Darren reached out to another friend who was an interior designer. They met for lunch and he explained to her about his plight–how he couldn’t find another weighted blanket like the one from the retreat.

The perfect weighted blanket

“A weighted blanket?” his friend asked, “why are you wasting your time searching all over the world? Just take a look right here, at home!”

Darren thought about what his friend had said and began to limit his search. He was a true patriot at heart, so finding a brand that reflected British pride would be perfect.

It wasn’t long until Darren felt as if he had found what he was looking for. A brand that had thousands of positive reviews, was 100% UK-based and offered fast and free delivery. Darren clicked buy faster than a speeding train and hoped he would not be disappointed.

The kuddly weighted blanket arrived within two days, and Darren felt like a kid at Christmas opening his newly delivered package. 

This was it. This was the one. The kuddly blanket wrapped around Darren, hugging every part of his body. He felt the world disappear and his body relax. 

After a long time, Darren finally slept like a baby in his own bed, the best sleep he’s ever had, wrapped in a kuddly weighted blanket.

It’s time to invest in a weighted blanket

If you are suffering from sleep deprivation like Darren was, perhaps it’s time to invest in a weighted blanket and kudd.ly™ is the answer. 

The kuddly blanket

The kuddly blanket offer 5kg of relaxing pressure and is designed with MicroFleece™ fabric to regulate body temperature.

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A weighted blanket for those hot sleepers

If the kuddly blanket is still too warm for you, kudd.ly™ also offers a cooling blanket. It has the same benefits as the weighted one, but with HydroCool™ technology, it helps keep your body nice and cool–perfect for relaxation and rest.

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Kudd.ly™ is a brand that prides itself on its high-quality products, customer satisfaction, and being 100% UK-based. Purchase one of their weighted blankets today and finally understand what it feels like to get deep, restorative sleep at no cost for shipping!

Or if you want something cooler:

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