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TUCKER CARLSON: Behind the ‘disinformation’ about Latino support for Republicans

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Way back in the summer of 2016, a phenomenon appeared in several political polls that nobody in the American media could explain. Donald Trump seemed to be performing exceptionally well among Hispanic voters in Florida. It was bizarre, so bizarre that everyone knew it could not be happening. It was scientifically impossible. If there’s one thing that every reporter in America understood, it was that Donald Trump hated Hispanics like the devil hates holy water.  

Some believed Trump was planning a national ban on picante sauce. That’s how deep and implacable his hatred was and yet, according to what journalists refer to as “the data”, actual Hispanics seem to like Donald Trump. Cognitive dissonance is the term that describes what happened next. How could the numbers show something that couldn’t be happening? So, the Miami Herald looked into it and their conclusion was fairly straightforward: Hispanic voters in Florida were mentally ill and also evil.  

As one Miami Herald columnist put it, “Donald Trump’s Cuban-American followers suffer from “Cuban Supremacy Syndrome.” It’s an old national ailment of the soul.” So, that was the diagnosis, something called Cuban Supremacy Syndrome, a serious but previously unknown medical condition like ADHD or long COVID. Someone better call a doctor. This could be fatall. But before the medical establishment could intervene to save Hispanic voters from themselves, this ailment spread like the virus it was, first from Florida, then to Texas and then across the country.  

By 2020, it was endemic. In the presidential election that year, Donald Trump, the guy who wanted to build a wall, became the first Republican in history to win Zapata County, Texas. Zapata County, Texas is approximately 94% Hispanic (94%) and he won. For the Democratic Party, this was an emergency made worse by the fact that there were no Cubans in Zapata County, Texas. It’s pretty much all Mexican-American, so Cuban Supremacy Syndrome could not be the cause of it. And that’s what a man called Eduardo Gamarra came to the rescue. 


Former President Donald Trump speaks to supporters at a rally to support local candidates on Sept. 3, 2022 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. 

Former President Donald Trump speaks to supporters at a rally to support local candidates on Sept. 3, 2022 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. 
(Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Now, Gamarra is a blue-eyed college professor from Florida who has somehow convinced news organizations that he is the world’s authority on what recently arrived poor people from Central America really think and he had a new diagnosis. Gamarra, NBC News reported, found a “casual link between misinformation and disinformation and how Spanish speakers have voted in recent elections.” 

Of course, it was obvious Putin did it, just like Putin caused inflation and monkeypox and that war in Europe. According to Professor Gamarra, Hispanic voters were just too stupid to realize what was going on. They had no idea they were being fooled. They’re just too dumb to Democrats. This explanation made perfect sense, of course, and they bought it. A survey last month from WPA intelligence found that more than half of CNN and MSNBC viewers now believe that “disinformation is compelling Hispanic voters to vote Republican.” Here’s NBC News. 

REPORTER: It’s a phenomenon that’s having real world effects. In Florida, 40% of Cuban Americans say they don’t believe President Joe Biden was legitimately elected and given that Latinos spend more time on social media than their non-Hispanic White counterparts, it’s a problem that’s not going away, but it’s not just happening in Florida. In Texas, Democratic strategists are sounding the alarm about a wave of misinformation aimed at Latinos heading into 2022.  

Did you hear that? Democratic strategists are sounding the alarm that Latinos spend so much time staring glassy-eyed at their phones that they now have questions about the fairness of the last election. How to fix this? Obviously, we’re going to need a lot more censorship to keep this disinformation away from all those gullible Latinos. Someone get Mark Zuckerberg on the phone immediately. It’s hilarious. 

The bad news about the Democratic Party, obviously, is that it has become authoritarian. The good news is it remains ridiculous. 


These are people who believe their own improbable propaganda. It sets up the real explanation. So, what is the answer? Why exactly are Hispanic voters moving to the right? They definitely are. The latest Originol polling shows that 72% of Hispanic voters are not satisfied with the direction the Democrats are taking in the United States. Why? Why is that? What problem do Latino voters have with the Democratic Party? 

Well, the answer might be as obvious as it seems. They just don’t like what we’ve got now. It is entirely possible that, like all normal people, Hispanic voters have come to despise the entitled urban liberals who run everything, and why wouldn’t they despise them? Those people are absurd. Not a single word they utter is sincere ever and everything they touch turns to filth. We can give you countless examples of this, but we’re going to pull one from today’s news. 

Washington, D.C. Council member Brianne Nadeau  has long promised to love and protect illegal aliens in Washington, D.C and thanks to her and many like her local government, the District of Columbia is now a “sanctuary city.” That’s how much they love illegal aliens, Brianne Nadeau  especially. She loves them and yet the moment actual illegal aliens showed up in Washington, D.C., sent by the governor of Texas, Brianne Nadeau became completely hysterical about it. Watch this. 

BRIANNE NADEAU: It’s been said, but it’s worth reiterating that the governors of Texas and Arizona have created this crisis and in many ways, the governors of Texas and Arizona have turned us into a border town.  


They’ve turned us into a border town. Really? Why is that bad? What’s wrong with border towns? Weren’t you just telling us, Brianne Nadeau, how great border towns are, so much diversity, so much strength.

But as it turns out, and this probably won’t shock you, Brianne Nadeau didn’t mean any of it. Brianne Nadeau doesn’t want illegal aliens in her neighborhood any more than the overwhelmingly Hispanic voters of Zapata County, Texas, want them in theirs. So, what would that make Brianne Nadeau? Well, a disgusting little hypocrite. You knew that already. A lot of Hispanic voters are learning it now. So, there’s that: the basic repulsiveness of Democratic Party leaders – by the way, nearly all of whom are openly hostile to the historic Christianity of Latin America that a lot of immigrants still believe in. But then there’s also crime.  

Crime is the big one. It seems likely that more than any other issue, crime, the increase in crime in the United States, is moving Hispanic voters to the right. They see, as we all see, liberals aggressively encouraging crime. Crime destroys their neighborhoods. Crime destroys the lives of the weakest and these voters, like all voters watched Nancy Pelosi call MS-13 children of God at the same moment that MS-13 members were hacking Salvadoran immigrants to death with machetes. Remember when Pelosi said that? Here it is.  

NANCY PELOSI: We’re all God’s children. There’s a spark of divinity in every person on Earth and so when the president of the United States says about undocumented immigrants, these aren’t people, these are animals, you have to wonder, does he not believe in the spark of divinity, the dignity and worth of every person?  


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks at a press conference.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks at a press conference.
(Getty Images)

So, they watch someone who clearly doesn’t actually believe in God, invoke God repeatedly to defend something that’s completely indefensible. Just a year before Pelosi’s heartfelt tribute to MS-13 an MS-13 gang member stabbed a man outside Washington more than 100 times and then beheaded him and ripped out his heart. That was a child of God? No, Trump was right. That was an animal. Hispanic voters can see that. Most of them did not go to Yale Law School to their great credit.  

Just days ago, a man called Jose Solano  Landaeta beheaded a mother on the street in Silicon Valley. Her two young children watched as he murdered her and who was this man? We reached out to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office officials to learn more about him. We asked, was he here in the country illegally? And here’s the response that we got. “I’m sorry, I’m not able to share that information.” 

Why is that? Well, we can guess why, because, of course, there’s a very high chance that this man was in the country illegally and not by accident. Democrats have suspended border enforcement to win the love of Hispanic voters. What they apparently did not realize because they’re not super bright, is that Hispanic voters don’t want violent lunatics in their neighborhoods either. They’re not into beheading people. Who knew?

There’s one other factor that may be moving this large and centrally important group of voters to the right. People whose families have immigrated from the third world may be more sensitive than most to the importance of the rule of law. The rule of law is the one thing that America has always had that the rest of world has not. That’s why people come here and most immigrants consider it important still. Liberals do not consider it important. They’re working to end it. Equal protection under the law is disappearing.  


At every level of American life, Liberals apply an obvious double standard and that double standard is based on race. That would be matters of education and employment, obviously, but also matters of law enforcement and criminal justice. Liberals put up with certain behavior from some people that they would never accept in other people. That is the definition of unfairness, but you see it every single day. Remember the arrest of that Dominican bodega owner in New York, the guy who was violently assaulted by a man whose girlfriend tried to rob the store? The bodega owner tried to defend himself, and he stabbed his attacker, as most people would.  

Authorities in New York charged that man with murder and sentenced to jail and everyone could tell this was a double standard. Would an elderly Black bodega owner had been arrested for stabbing a Dominican attacker? Obviously not. No one said it, but everyone saw it and everyone understood the unfairness of that, including Hispanic voters. Why would they like it? If they wanted to live in a deeply unfair society, they would have stayed in the countries their ancestors came from, but they came here because it’s a fair society. That’s the main appeal of America, not a robust economy, but the fact that we’re all equal under the law.  

That’s the one thing other countries don’t have and we do or did. So, there’s a double standard and everyone sees it and it’s not just the level of bodega owners, it goes to the very top of the Democratic Party, to its top candidates. In South Carolina, for example, Democrats have nominated a Senate candidate, U.S. Senate, called Krystle Matthews. Krystle Matthews was caught on tape recently by James O’Keefe’s group, Project Veritas, openly advocating for punishing people because they’re the wrong skin color. Not exaggerating. Here’s the tape.  

MATTHEWS: My district is slightly Republican and it’s heavily White. I’m no stranger to White people, I’m from a mostly White town and let me tell you one thing: You oughta know who you’re dealing with, like, you gotta treat them like s—, I mean, that’s the only way they’ll respect you. 


Got to hurt White people or they won’t respect you. She said that. That video is real and yet somehow no one seems to have noticed. Krystle Matthews is not on the front page of The New York Times this morning. There was no Justice Department investigation into her. That’s weird and everyone knows it’s weird, but it’s hardly the only shocking news story that’s not being covered as a news story. Also missing from mainstream coverage is this video from Memphis of young criminal promising to murder White people because of their skin color.  

MAN: He already shot a White old man. I’m fixin’ to shoot a White old lady while her grandkids are in the car 

So, that video was recorded just a day after the rampage, the murder rampage in the same city Memphis, committed by a felon called Ezekiel Kelly. Ezekiel Kelly, like so many people who’ve committed murder recently, was let out of jail early. but no one in charge in the Democratic Party in Memphis even bothered by that. In fact, while he was killing people, a state representative in Tennessee, a Democrat called Antonio Parkinson, complained that the real problem was police might hurt Ezekiel Kelly. That was his main concern. “This is unbelievable. Ezekiel Kelly will probably be killed tonight at the hands of police. We are losing our children,” he wrote.  

Really? That’s your concern? So, in all three of these stories, we’ve just reminded you of the bodega owner in New York, Krystle Matthews in South Carolina, the anti-White violence in Memphis, no one’s noticing. Joe Biden’s DOJ is standing back and doing nothing. In other words, they’re allowing violent race hate to flourish in the United States at the same time they are telling you White supremacy is the biggest threat we face. This is terrifying on many levels, but above all, once again, it is an attack not on any specific ethnic group, but on a principle that protects all of us and that’s the principle of equal justice under the law.  


If you move to the United States from Latin America hoping to live under a fair justice system, this might bother you and a lot of people are bothered. They didn’t want to live in Honduras. That’s why they moved here and yet no one in Washington on either side, the Democrats who are making this possible, the Republicans who are still yammering on about criminal justice reform seem to understand this. But you know who does understand? The Hispanic immigrants. They understand it very well. They see that it’s not safe anywhere. Anywhere, not just in the so-called bad neighborhoods, but in the so-called nice neighborhoods, the ones they live in or want to live in. This video is from Sunday. It was taken in a Chicago suburb called Lakeview. Three men attack a woman on the sidewalk in front of her home. Watch this.  

You see that? That’s not some scary neighborhood a roll-em-up neighborhood. That’s the neighborhood you live in, or you want to live in. That’s the neighborhood you picture when you think middle America. It’s a nice, leafy neighborhood. That could be your daughter attacked on the sidewalk in front of your house. That’s happening and it’s going to get a lot worse if we don’t pull back now, but they’re not pulling back. The Democratic Party is doubling down. In January, police in the state of Illinois will be banned from removing trespassers from your property. The Democrat-controlled legislature just passed that law. Effectively, they have legalized home invasions and there will likely be many more of those because starting next year, the Safety Act just passed in Illinois will let violent felons out of jail with no bail – actual violent felons, people who committed crimes like second degree murder and arson and kidnaping.  

What will happen then? Well, I think we know because it’s been tried in other places like New York City, where people are regularly shot, beaten and robbed in public, People who could not be held behind bars because Democrats decided that was mean. They’re worried about the criminals and not worried about you. And once again, to restate, if you siloed Hispanic voters into this one specific group whose concerns are totally different from everyone else’s you’re missing the thread. That’s not true. Hispanic voters like every other voter, every voter of every race, they don’t like crime and violence, but it’s everywhere. These clips are all from the last month. 


REPORTER ON SHOOTING IN BROAD DAYLIGHT: People sitting outside suddenly scrambled to get out of the way as one man pops out of the sunroof and another out of the passenger window. They both start shooting.  

REPORTER ON BRUTAL SUCKER PUNCH: An arrest is made in this brutal, cowardly sucker punch at the Kings Plaza Mall. Police say 21-year-old Jahiem Davis is facing assault charges.  

REPORTER ON DISABLED MAN ROBBED ON THE BUS: Surveillance video from the S40 MTA bus caught the incident on August 13th that shows the suspect walking up to a 64-year-old victim who is sitting in that wheelchair. Cops say he grabbed $250 from the man. 

REPORTER ON BASEBALL BAT ATTACK: A man got into a dispute with some others at that location. One of them hit him with a baseball bat and another punched him in the face.  

REPORTER ON RECENT MOPED ROBBERIES: Surveillance video caught them as they went up to a 28-year-old victim and her friend. The two were walking on the sidewalk when the duo went up to them and tried to grab, according to detectives, the victim’s necklace from her neck. Police say the trio rode onto the sidewalk and the passengers from the dirt bike jumped off and forcibly removed a Rolex watch from the victim’s wrist.  


What country is this? It didn’t used to be America. This is not organic. We didn’t used to live like this. Liberals did this. They did this on purpose. They created more crime. It didn’t just happen, and the numbers couldn’t be clearer on that. Any Republican running for office this cycle, which is to say the month after next, who wasn’t running on this, is an idiot because everyone knows it’s happening of all colors.  

Just today local media in New York reported that a 21-year-old tourist was kidnaped and raped on a subway platform by a stranger. Are you shocked by that? You shouldn’t be. That’s what happens when you stop enforcing the law. That’s what happens when you put the interests of criminals above those of citizens. Everyone can see what’s happening, no matter what color they are. Democrats should not be surprised when they are punished for this.  

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