Trippy Floating Bird Caught on Camera Creates Video That Has Been Viewed 2 Million Times

Bird watching has always been a fascinating pastime. Viewing new kinds of birds and observing them in their habit is a like the game Pokemon Go, making players yearn to collect as many birds as they can. However,  it’s hard to see the birds up close. Birds do exciting things when we aren’t watching them, as this crazy video shows.

This awesome black bird left quite an impression

This flying bird was captured on a home security camera. It has already been viewed over 2 million times since a YouTuber uploaded it. The bird appears in front of the camera and seems to float. It looks like a special effect from some kind of movie, perhaps a remake of the Hitchcock film, The Birds?

So how did this bird pull off this feat? Turns out the bird synchronized its wings with the camera’s frame rate, which created a freaky and amazing optical illusion. This may be the best video we’ve seen yet of a bird demonstrating this effect of technology.


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