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Tread Labs Insoles Review – 2023.

Tread Labs Insoles Review

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Tread Labs Insoles is an e-commerce brand that provides high-quality insoles to help prevent and alleviate foot pain. The company was founded in 2015 with a mission to offer individuals with plantar fasciitis a sustainable solution. The company offers four different insoles options that are designed to cater to different foot conditions. Let’s dive into the design and style of Tread Labs Insoles.


Tread Labs Insoles Review

Design and Style

Tread Labs Insoles offers four different insoles options, including the Stride, Ramble, Dash, and Pain Relief. Each insole comes in a different design and style to cater to every foot type. The Stride insole is designed for active individuals and comes in a sleek design that provides comfort and support for any activity. The Ramble insole is designed for everyday use and comes in a discrete neutral design that provides comfort and support for all shoe styles. The Dash insole is designed for narrow footwear such as dress shoes and comes in a discrete design that provides extra cushion and support. Finally, the Pain Relief insole is designed for individuals with plantar fasciitis pain. The insole comes in a blue medical-grade design that provides extra arch support and relief from foot pain.

Comfort and Fit

Tread Labs Insoles are designed with comfort and fit in mind. Each insole is engineered to provide the perfect amount of support and cushion to keep feet comfortable and pain-free. The insoles use medical-grade materials such as polypropylene arch supports, vegetable-tanned leather, and anti-microbial foam. The materials mold to the shape of the foot and provide a customized fit for every individual. The insoles are also easy to replace and fit into any shoe style.


Tread Labs Insoles Review


The quality of the materials used in Tread Labs Insoles provides a good level of durability. The polypropylene arch supports provide a sturdy foundation for the insole, and the vegetable-tanned leather adds an extra layer of strength and flexibility. The insoles can withstand daily use and last for six to 12 months based on daily activity levels.

Price and Value

Tread Labs Insoles are priced higher than other insoles available in the market, ranging from $75 to $85. However, considering the high-quality materials, the customizable fit, and the durability, the insoles are worth the price. The company also offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so individuals can try the insoles risk-free and decide if the investment is worth it.

Tread Labs Insoles Review

Customer Service

Tread Labs Insoles has excellent customer service. The company prides itself on providing quick and helpful customer service to ensure customer satisfaction. The company also offers a 90-day fit guarantee to make sure that customers are happy with their purchase.


Overall, Tread Labs Insoles provides high-quality insoles that can help prevent and alleviate foot pain for individuals with various foot conditions. The insoles come in different designs and styles to cater to every foot type, and the materials provide comfort, durability, and a custom fit. Although the insoles are priced higher than other insoles in the market, the quality and durability justify the cost. The customer service is exceptional, making Tread Labs Insoles™ a reliable choice for anyone who wants to invest in their foot health.

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