Ranked: The Top 3 Weighted Blankets In The UK (2022 Edition)


The Top 3 Weighted Blankets In The UK (2022 Edition)

Updated: February 6, 2022 🇬🇧

The weighted blanket is proven to relieve stress, anxiety, fibromyalgia and improve sleep.

We tested 11 blankets available in the UK and narrowed it down to the 3 top weighted blankets based on effectiveness, quality and price.

#1 Kuddly Weighted Blanket- £49



5 out of 5
Our testers felt more relaxed and had improved sleep & felt more relaxed, less anxiety and improved sleep.


  • Made from soft-touch fleece
  • BPA-free, non-toxic glass beads
  • Machine washable
  • Easily transported to each room in house

Shipping & Returns:

  • Free rush delivery included (next day)
  • 30-day return window
  • Slice with 3 easy payments
  • Superb support 
  • Great TrustPilot Reviews

#2 Kalmkoala Weighted Blanket- £79


4.6 out of 5
Our testers enjoyed the Koala weighted blanket and its dual temperature controlling technology as the key feature.


  • Multiple choices of weight and size
  • Double stitched extra strength thread
  • Duvet fits securely in cover (no bunching)
  • Machine washable
  • BPA glass beads used for weight
  • Made of eco-friendly silky bamboo and soft cotton
  • Includes cover + weighted duvet
  • Best priced & best quality

Shipping & Returns:

  • Free next-day delivery via DPD
  • 30-night no hassle returns
  • Perfect for both HOT and COLD sleepers
  • Slice purchase into 3 payments via Klarna

#3 Mela Weighted Blanket- £136.99


3 out of 5
Our testers felt more relaxed and had improved sleep.


  • Comforting weighted blanket
  • Designed to help you relax
  • Reversible quilted and cotton cover
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • Smaller, lighter one also available

Shipping & Returns:

  • Free delivery & returns

Weighted blankets help people sleep better in the following ways:

  • Reduces cortisol levels: Grounding reduces the production of cortisol, a steroid hormone triggered by stressful situations. While cortisol is not necessarily bad, nighttime cortisol production can counteract the production of melatonin, which can in turn have a negative effect on sleep quality.
  • Helps produce more melatonin: Natural light triggers melatonin, causing us to feel more tired at night and more wakeful the next morning. People with insomnia tend to produce less melatonin, leading to problems with sleep onset and/or sleep maintenance. As a result, those who use weighted blankets for insomnia and other disorders linked to low melatonin production often experience notable sleep improvements.
  • Triggers happiness hormones: Grounding triggers the release of serotonin, and other ‘happiness hormones’ that calm the nervous system and make people feel more relaxed.
  • Reduces sleepwalking episodes: Interrupted or inefficient sleep can cause in adults and children. Weighted blankets cause people to feel more relaxed before falling asleep, which often leads to deeper sleep and more restful nights. As a result, weighted blankets can be very helpful for sleepwalkers – particularly toddlers and young children.
  • In addition to benefits for sleepers, weighted blankets can also alleviate stress and anxiety for many.  Dentists often provide weighted blankets to patients in order to alleviate their stress before exams. Physicians have also noted that adults and children with certain disorders and medical conditions may benefit from using a weighted blanket for anxiety. These include:
  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD): A weighted blanket for autism can be effective for several reasons, particularly among children with ASD. Individuals with ASD often have below-average serotonin and melatonin levels, which can lead to sleep difficulties. Additionally, children with ASD tend to experience anxiety, especially at night.
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): Poor academic performance is a common issue among children with ADHD, and this problem may be compounded by lack of restful sleep. When used correctly, a weighted blanket for ADHD can not only improve the child’s sleep but also sharpen their focusing abilities in the classroom and boost their grades.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): Like ASD, PTSD is a condition that can reduce serotonin production levels. By boosting these serotonin levels and alleviating stress – a common symptom of PTSD – weighted blankets can help people with PTSD improve their overall sleep quality

PROS of Using a Weighted Blanket:

CONS of Using a Weighted Blanket:

Important Tips for Weighted Blanket Shoppers

When shopping for a weighted blanket and comparing different brands and models, here are a few factors to keep in mind.

What is your weighted blanket budget? Keep in mind that most weighted blankets cost at least £100 when sold through companies. Private sellers on sites like Etsy may price their weighted blankets lower, but they do not come with warranties and the quality is usually lower.

How much do you weigh? Use your body weight to calculate the most suitable weight for your blanket. Surveys have found that people generally feel most comfortable under a blanket that weighs 7% to 10% as much as they do, but testing out different models is considered the best way to find the right fit. Also keep weight loss/gain in mind, as the most suitable blanket may change if your own weight fluctuates.

Do you have a medical or psychological condition that may lead to discomfort under a weighted blanket? Certain individuals may feel less comfortable under weighted blankets, such as people with claustrophobia, women who are going through menopause, and people with respiratory and/or circulatory issues.

What is your preferred blanket size? Some sleepers like blankets with minimal coverage while others enjoy wrapping themselves in longer, wider blankets. Keep in mind that weighted blanket size is usually tied to weight; the less a blanket weighs, the narrower and shorter it will be. You may have to compromise your width and length preferences in order to find a blanket that weighs the right amount.

Do you sleep warm? Many people sleep excessively hot or warm, either due to their own body temperature regulation or the composition of their mattress (foam and latex sleep hotter than springs). Weighted blankets with covers made of natural fibers like cotton and wool tend to sleep cooler than synthetic fabrics like polyester. For this reason, people who sleep warm are urged to pick a weighted blanket with a natural fiber cover.

Does the blanket come with a cover? Be sure to scope out the product specs. In some cases, weighted blanket covers are sold separately from the blankets themselves.

What is your color preference? Cover color choice is purely aesthetic, although some models are available in dozens of colors for people with different tastes and decor arrangements.

Does the weighted blanket come with a trial or warranty? Companies that sell weighted blankets often offer trial periods, which allow purchasers to return the blanket for a refund within a certain time-frame, and/or product warranties that protect the blanket from defects. Weighted blankets sold through private merchants usually come with neither.

Review Team

Jack Rey – Combo Sleeper | McKenzie Fredricks – Combo Sleeper |Christison Gomez – Back Sleeper | Jon Jack – Side Sleeper | Jill Daily – Back Sleeper

In conclusion our 5 testers all agreed that the kuddly Weighted Blanket is hands down the winner in the UK for the top weighted blanket. Based on effectiveness, quality and price the uk based team at Koala have done a fantastic job!

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