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Top 5 Christmas Gifts UK 2019

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We know how difficult shopping for a loved one can be! The team at Originol have put together the top 5 gifts ideas for 2019.

With the help of YouGov, we surveyed 150 individuals in the UK (girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives). Below are the top gift items on their list for 2019:

Important Update: November 27, 2019 – We have included Black Friday deals for each product where we could find them.

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The weighted blanket is now the #1 ranked household item in the USA to relieve stress and anxiety and improve sleep. It seems the word has spread across the pond as sales in the UK have spiked over the past 6 months. It seems to be the perfect gift for that loved one to help with sleep, relaxation and anxiety.

Google Trends 2019 (UK) – Weighted Blanket

Our Top Ranked Weighted Blankets

With the weighted blanket being such a hot item, we have listed the top 2 available in the UK.

The gift that will be used everyday around the house. The Koala Theraputic Blanket has 2 size options and 2 weight options ranging from 6kg to 9kg. It was designed to mimic the feeling of a warm cosy hug.

We love this gift idea because it will be used daily providing a constant reminder of thanks.

Koala is one of the top weighted blanket in the UK and they are a UK based company. We suggest checking out their website as they have an abundance of information on weighted blankets.

For those on a budget we recommend the Kudd.ly Weighted Blanket. Kudd.ly is an easy to use weighted blanket with all the benefits. We like how it is UK based and has a great return policy.

It has gained a cult following across the UK because it is easy to use and looks great around the house.

Your loved ones can use Kudd.ly on the sofa while watching their favourite show or reading a book. It also works great in the bed to help improve sleep.


It’s available in 2 colours and weighs just under 5kg and will be an item used daily by the entire household.

Great deal with FREE next day shipping!

#2 Smart Home Google Nest

The smart home has finally made it to the masses. Coming in second on the list was gadgets to make your home “smarter”.
This year’s Google Nest model brings improved audio quality, as well as some tweaks to its external interface. The big change there is a presence-detection system that can tell when you’re standing near the speaker, at which point it will illuminate the touch interface on top of it so you can better see the volume controls.

Keep an eye out for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Week sales. Amazon always has competitive prices.

#3 Instant Pot

Always a popular item on Black Friday and as a Christmas gift, the Instant Pot is a great household addition for those who love to cook.

The convenience of an all-in-one cooker that saves space in the cupboards and time in the kitchen does have advantages—especially if you don’t already own a slow cooker or pressure cooker. It is great for cooking meats and will be an item used weekly in any house.

#4 Ninja Blender ✓ Black Friday Sale

Give the gift of health to a loved one. The Ninja blender is perfect for making heatlthy smoothies.

Ninja has produced some of the best kitchen and household appliances in the past few years and with our ever-growing culinary approach, blenders and food processors have become the need of the hour. Well, who doesn’t like a glass of nutritious and mouth-watering smoothie at their homes? In today’s hip and fresh age, Ninja blenders have also taken on to new generation technology with Auto-iQ intelligence and what not.

#5 Fit Bit

Another item to help with health and kick off 2020 on the right foot!

An affordable smartwatch that helps you reach your fitness goals, that’s the dream that is Fitbit. Of all the fitness gadgets, Fitbit has proved to be a force in many health and wellness goals. There are models for kids, those wishing to track basic steps and fitness goals to full-on smartwatches.

Another item that will be used daily, providing a constant reminder of health.


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