Top 4 Sleep Solutions

How to Access “Deep Sleep” and Reach Therapeutic Levels of Slumber

November 5, 2019

So you’ve been feeling…

…chronically fatigued, burnt-out, and exhausted…

and because of it …

…you’ve been unproductive, irritable and depressed…

It’s been brutal, debilitating, paralyzing. It has prevented you from being productive at work, it’s strained your relationships, and stolen any sense of joy or happiness from your life.

We taught you about Why Deep Sleep is so Important.  Complex physiological processes occur during deeper stages of sleep. Physical and Emotional healing can only occur once the therapeutic/restorative levels of sleep are reached.

We’ve told you many times about the Dangers of Sleep Deprivation. Lacking quality sleep can lead to some scary results.

It’s time for bed isn’t it?

So You're Ready for Deep Sleep

Getting a proper sleep requires a 4-pronged approach. Here are our top 4 Sleep-Solutions (in order of importance) to guide you on your journey to a more restful slumber.
Our Top 4 Sleep Solutions:

#1 Sleep With a Weighted Blanket

Derived from Temple Grandin’s “Squeeze Box” (used to calm autistic and hypersensitive patients).

A blanket – made heavier – with the aid of small beads residing in numerous pockets within the blanket. The deep pressure created by the weight of the blanket has a calming effect. Science has confirmed the blanket’s therapeutic benefits in numerous studies.​

Rating: 5/5



Bottom Line

Start sleeping with a Weighted Blanket now! We’ve stressed the importance of deep sleep. Sleeping with a weighted blanket will get you quality sleep, thus improving your mental and physical health! It will become an important part of your other Sleep Solutions.

#2 Build a Sleep Routine

benefits of weighted blankets
Repetition of calming activities (in a routine-like fashion) before bed, signal to the body that it’s time to “wind down”. Pre-bedtime-rituals promote faster and deeper sleep.
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Bottom Line

Healthy sleep routines help reduce anxiety by facilitating relaxation. They save time by getting us to sleep faster. And most importantly, they create structure in our lives by helping to instill good habits (breathing and meditative techniques), while removing bad habits (TV, electronic devices).

#3 Optimize Your Sleep Environment

A personalized “bedroom setup” can help promote a more therapeutic sleep. Variables to consider include bedroom furniture (and their positioning), bedding, room color, lighting, room temperature, scents, & noise.
Rating: 4.2/5



Bottom Line

Just like a good work environment improves productivity, a good sleep environment improves sleep quality. Always include a weighted blanket in your new sleep environment.

#4 Use a Sleep App

Sleep Trackers measure several aspects of your sleep including amount of asleep, quality of sleep, quality of sleep environment, and other sleep related metrics. Apps like Calm and Headspace have “sleep specific programs” that will help you build a sleep routine.
Rating: 4/5



Bottom Line

Anything promoting good sleep habits gets our vote. But be careful with electronics in your sleep environment. Always be mindful of excessive “screen time”.

Commit to 1 or more of these Sleep Solutions. Commit to sleeping properly to improve the quality of your life! You’ll thank us later!


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