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The Best Replacement For Your Old Sofa Blanket

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replace old sofa blanket with weighted blanket

Imagine for a second, the ability to receive a warm, calming hug whenever you snuggle into your sofa. Do you picture your current, sofa blanket providing such comfort and security? What about 5 kilograms of velvety fabric designed to cocoon and soothe you?

That sounds more like it.

Replace your old sofa blanket, with a new, calming Kudd.ly weighted blanket, and receive scientifically proven therapeutic effects without leaving your living room!

A Hug in Fabric Form

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With a Kudd.ly weighted blanket, multiply that feeling of comfort and safety tenfold! BPA free, non-toxic glass beads are securely dispersed throughout the blanket and enclosed by ultra-soft fabric to produce this added weight.

Surrounded by this gentle pressure, it will feel as if you are wrapped in a deep embrace. Let that feeling of peacefulness and security wash over you.

Even those who had never tried one before ended up loving the Kudd.ly blanket, with one reviewer raving, “I’ve never felt a weighted blanket before and I am so in love with this one. Just wrapping it around me feels amazing, I feel secure and cosy.

Works as Decor, too!

Get both a functioning therapeutic tool and a beautiful decor piece in one! The founders of Kudd.ly wanted to provide people with a blanket that looks as good as it feels, so you don’t have to put it away after use.

Drape it along the back of your sofa to create a warm, inviting space that beckons you to sit down and relax.

An Anxiety Aid Close at Hand

If you regularly feel anxious or overwhelmed, even when you’re tucked away in your own home and snuggled into your favourite spot, then a weighted blanket is the perfect addition to your downtime.


The weight was specifically designed to calm the nervous system and help users destress, alleviating anxiety and easing tension from the body and mind.

Pull your Kudd.ly close when watching TV, reading a book, or enjoying another’s company and appreciate the moment without having to deal with those anxious feelings.

Similar Price to a Regular Blanket

Purchasing a Kudd.ly blanket can cost you the same amount as luxury, non-weighted blankets on the market today. Why not spend the same amount and receive much, much more in terms of relaxation and restorative qualities?

Free shipping and next-day dispatch make it that much more of a bargain.

Made to Last

The high-quality feel of the Kudd.ly weighted blanket is matched by the durability of its fabric. The glass beads are securely fastened in each square of the material while layers of soft eco-friendly cotton enclose them.

It’s easy to maintain too, all it needs is a gentle hand wash with liquid detergent, and let dry. And it’s hypoallergenic also!

The Kudd.ly Guarantee

There is no pressure (accept the kind the blanket provides) for you to keep your blanket if you do not like it. Kudd.ly attaches a 30-day guarantee with every one of their weighted blankets, so you can feel secure in your purchase, and wrapped within the blanket itself.

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