Superhero Dog Saves Injured Baby Deer From Drowning

This is Storm, a dog who acted like a superhero when he witnessed another animal drowning in the water.

Storm the Golden Retriever

Storm raced to the water, where he discovered that the animal in distress was an injured baby deer.

Storm’s owner, Mike Freeley, was out for a walk with his dogs when Storm suddenly sprinted into action. That prompted Freeley to take out his camera and started filming the events as they unfolded. Check out this amazing video:

The dog runs into the water and very gently drags the deer out of the water, just as a canine would do if it was moving a pup.

Once they made it to shore, the dog remained by the baby deer’s side, even licking her to reassure the deer that she was safe and warm. Freeley and Storm stayed with the deer until people with the Strong Island Animal Rescue arrived to help.

Storm tending to the baby deer

The shelter had some trouble corralling the injured deer when she became disoriented and jumped back into the water.

A volunteer saves the deer again

Thankfully, a volunteer named Frankie Floridia as able to save her. The deer has since been treated at the shelter and is expected to do just fine.

The beautiful deer is safe and sound

Her life was saved by Storm the Superhero Dog.

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