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New Footwear Gives Hope to Thousands Suffering From Chronic Pain

New Product is Stealing Business From Expensive Treatment Centers

Does your chronic pain stop you from doing simple, everyday activities such as groceries, laundry, gardening, exercising and more?

Is it depressing being confined to the couch because the pain keeps you off your feet?

You’re not alone. According to a study done by the British Pain Society, approximately 28 million people are living with pain lasting 3 months or longer.

This study found that 43% of the UK experiences chronic pain. Approximately 14% lives with chronic pain considered moderately or severely disabling.

But there’s hope! A simple, yet life-changing product, has burst onto the scene. And it’s relieving joint aches, pains, and stiffness all across the UK.

Kudd.ly™, a UK-based company has come up with a new, innovative and patented piece of footwear called the Kloud Slider that has already changed the lives of thousands of chronic pain sufferers across Europe.

Finley-crafted Kloud Sliders have been an integral part of rehabilitation and recovery in the UK. It has helped wearers regain their balance and joint stability resulting in life-changing pain relief.

Occupational Therapists often take a “from-the-ground-up” approach, and rely on supportive footwear like the kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders to encourage the body to repair and heal itself.

“Perfect Gift For Anyone With Knee Pain.”

Both of my parents suffer from chronic knee and foot pain. They told me, that their kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders have given them comfort and relief allowing them to participate in activities they haven’t been able to do in years.

Meet Wanda Lumedry, the first person to ever wear a kudd.ly™ Kloud Slider

Having overcome her insomnia with the help of her kudd.ly™ Weighted Blanket, loyal customer Wanda Lumedry was ecstatic when kudd.ly launched the Kloud Slider.

“I struggled with painful plantar fasciitis and tendonitis for years. Because of the pain, I was hesitant to move about to perform my daily activities. As a result, I spent so much time sitting, and eventually developed low-back-pain as well. I was a mess! It got so bad at one point, I could barely stand for more than 30 minutes at a time. As soon as I started wearing the kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders, my world changed. I felt instant relief. I was able to focus on rehabbing my entire body - starting with my feet.”

What are kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders?

kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders are ultra-comfortable slippers engineered to provide cushioning and stability resulting in pleasure and therapeutic benefits for the feet.

Via the perfect blend of gentle shock absorption and joint stabilization, the Kloud Slider’s revolutionary CUSHIONsoft™ technology soothe and protect the body from discomfort all the way up the kinetic chain, originating from the ground-up.

As of this writing, 3500 pairs of Kloud Sliders are being sold per week.

✅Effective Relief For Foot Pain

The soothing relief starts with the patent-pending, CUSHIONsoft™ technology that is anti-slip and anti-chafe, preventing sores and blisters.

These alluring soles provide cushioning and support. They offer delightful comfort for aching feet while relieving pain caused by joint strain/swelling.

✅Enhanced Joint Protection with Stability

Experts explain that Reduction-of-Impact is the number one priority when rehabilitating joint pain. With state-of-the-art stabilizing technology, the 4.5cm CUSHIONsoft™ sole promotes a pleasurable range of motion, while preventing extreme movements that put strain on your joints. kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders are ideal for people who walk/stand on hard surfaces for long durations.

✅Enhances the Healing Progress

The feet are full of the most sensitive nerve endings and body energy centers. All body systems flow through the feet. kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders nurture your feet allowing the rest of your body to heal!

The non-slip soles act as a preventative measure against slips and falls. This allows you to walk pain-free and with confidence.

“Amazing, Knees Feel Better Than Ever.”

Extremely comfortable and fits like a glove. I wear mine everywhere and get complimented every day. I own 3 pairs of Kloud Sliders and have another 3 pairs being delivered soon!

✅Easy to Care For

The kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders are water-resistant and anti-slip, meaning you can wear them at the beach, near the pool, and in the rain. And when you want to wear them in the house, their anti wick EVA material makes cleaning the kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders super simple.

How To Wear kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders

Just “slide” them on and you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds.

kuddl.y™ Kloud Sliders come in nine different colours (try the classic black or grey, a bright summer orange or yellow, or a neutral tan). The Kloud Sliders colours are meant to be fun, and worn with your favourite outfit.

You can simply order your kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders online.  Just select your size (unisex) and colour and then “Add to Cart”.

You have the option to slice your order into 3 interest-free payments.

Delivery is free via DPD.

“I feel 20 years younger!”

My grandson gave me 2 pairs of Kloud Sliders because he said he “gets sad when Nana is in pain.”
It’s the best gift I’ve ever received. I will spoil him for the rest of my life!

WARNING : There are cheap knock-offs of the kudd.ly Kloud Sliders being sold on different sites online. Make sure you get the genuine product by ordering from the official kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders Site.

Not too long ago, I found relief for my feet, and my lifestyle has been much more active. Now I can get back to the activities I love to do.

I discovered the solution to my pain almost by accident in my research, and now I’m sharing it with anyone who will listen.

“Research shows wearing CUSHIONsoft™ technology gives the perfect balance of pressure from your feet to your hips, providing cushion other footwear can’t provide for your spine, back, and neck”

I never thought I’d have such a simple solution for my feet. After more than 3 years of suffering, I tried everything to manage the pain but nothing worked for me.

But then fate stepped in…
I was given an assignment to review a new health product that had just hit the UK market. They’re called “kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders” a new type of slipper with technology that claims to help relieve foot pain.

They slipped on easy, and my feet felt great immediately after!
I didn’t need much convincing after that, and I quickly ordered several more pairs. At a modest price of £39 for 2 of them, it was less expensive than I expected. And they are worth every pound spent. People describe them as pillows for your feet. Plus, they are perfect for wearing indoors and outdoors.

As part of my research, I began wearing the “kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders” every day.

And here’s what surprised me – my feet felt better even when I wasn’t wearing them. The reason for that is part of the “secret technology” packed inside each pair of slippers.

The CUSHIONsoft™ technology Secret…

The secret is their mid-sole. It’s perfectly designed to make your feet feel like they’re fully supported and comfortably cushioned. It’s the secret to relieving pain and potentially stopping any future damage caused by neglecting what you put on your feet—the one part of you that supports your entire body.

Not giving your feet the care and support they need can lead to serious long-term foot problems. Which can lead to joint and back problems. Which can lead to irreversible damage!

I liked them so much I started recommending them to all my friends and family.

The first person I gave a pair to was my cousin Sandra. She’s struggled with intense arthritis and sciatica pain for as long as I can remember.

As soon as she put them on, she asked me ‘what are these magic shoes?’ And for the first time, she actually had some pep in her step. I was so happy to see her in pain-free!

My Final Thoughts On kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders

Personally, the kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders are brilliant.

What started as just another work assignment, has turned into my best decision of the year.

Since trying them, I’m also feeling a lot better doing everyday normal activities like getting groceries, doing the laundry, walking my dog Alfie, and just getting around the house.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself.

Kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders are on sale for 50% off, they gave me a special link for you guys to try it out and experience max comfort.

And you can pick up a few extra as they make a great gift.

Use the link below to get yours.

Relieve sore feet, aches and pains.

Pain Relief is Right Under Your Feet!

Experts estimate that for every 1 kg of bodyweight, the knees feel 3kg of PRESSURE.

On average a person takes 6000 steps per day.

Even only 5kg extra weight means 90,000kg of extra pressure on the knees EVERY DAY!

Multiply that over years or decades.

It’s no wonder there’s a Chronic Pain Epidemic in the UK.

A study done by the British Pain society found that 43% of the UK suffers from chronic pain. 14% lives with pain they consider moderately-to-severely disabling.

Here’s my story:

My Knee Pain Made Life UNBEARABLE

As soon as I turned 35, aches and pains started to appear out of nowhere.

Every year, a new body part would start to complain. By the time I turned 40, I could no longer take my dog on our usual 45 minute route. My knees hurt so much, I could only go for walks 3 times per week.

My doctor told me “it’s all part of the aging process.”

He prescribed me some pain killers to take as-needed. No Thank You.

My wife suggested I see a chiropractor. Months of treatments were expensive and didn’t help me at all. I tried multiple physiotherapists. Still no luck.

I was about to give up. The pain had spread to my lower back and sometimes my neck. I was a mess. I started to use the pain killers.

Pain Relief Journey Started with a Single Step

One evening, I was climbing out of my car when I saw a strange man run up to my neighbour’s front door. I finally realized the strange man was actually my neigbour who had lost a lot of weight. I didn’t recognize him because he was in his running gear and 15kg lighter.

I congratulated him on his amazing accomplishment and told him there’s no way I could run because of my painful knees.

“I was the same as you”, he said. He took off his running shoes and slipped into an orange pair of slippers.

“I started wearing these as much as possible”. He pointed to his feet. “They feel unbelievable and cushion my every step. My aches and pains slowly disappeared. One day I woke up and my knee pain was gone. Years of knee pain…GONE! I was so amazed and energized I decided to take up running again.”

He gave me the link to a product called the kudd.ly™ Kloud Slider.

“Wear them as much as you can. Amazing things will happen!”

I ordered 3 pairs – Orange, Yellow and Pink (for my wife).

“I couldn’t remember the last time I walked pain-free”

But then years of tension melted away with each step. It was MINDBLOWING!

Within the first 5 steps of my new kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders, it felt like a great weight was lifted from my shoulders, back, knees and feet. My whole body began to relax. Each step I took felt so pleasurable.

I was amazed at how something so simple and lightweight could make such a difference to how my body felt when walking and standing.

I discovered that the CUSHIONsoft™ material on the Kloud Slider is responsible for changing how my foot responds to ground contact. This is what I found:

EVA: stands for Ethel Vinyl Acetate which is a lightweight foam containing air bubbles that compress to provide cushioning. This is the backbone of CUSHIONsoft™Technology.

Stability:  Highest grade EVA acts as an intuitive memory foam providing ankle stability unique to each wearer.

Cushioning: Thousands of micro air pocket provide rebound-effect for maximum shock-absorption.

Lightweight: minimalist design to remain lightweight while retaining stability and cushioning

Grip: molded to mimic the sole of military boots protecting the wearer from slips and falls.

Durability: rigourous durability testing vs. 37 other brands found kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders retained Stability and Cushioning the longest.

My body was able to heal once I removed the constant pain and tension created by improper footwear. While in the Kloud Sliders, my body slowly started to revert back to its natural state.

I now move freely and with confidence. I can now exercise regularly and pain-free. I have already lost 10kg and am currently training for my first half-marathon!

Many thanks to my kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders.

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