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A Must-Have Product For Your TV Time

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In 2018 individuals in the UK watched approximately 5 hours of video content per day. Over half of that time was spent in front of the TV.

With so many bodies settled into the settee for their daily dose of EastEnders or nightly viewings of Love Island, why not make the everyday experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible?

Weighted blankets are the latest and greatest in offering people the ability to relax. Snuggle up in one and feel the warm, enveloping effect of a full-body hug.

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Millions of tv-watchers in the United States have already turned to weighted blankets to create a relaxing and restorative viewing experience.

So we decided to give them a go ourselves, and boy were we pleased with what we found out.

Low Price, High Quality

We opted for the Kudd.ly brand of weighted blankets, as they offer one of the most reasonably priced products on the market without compromising on quality. With quick, next-day dispatch, the blanket arrived in no time, changing our nightly screen time routine for the better.

Binge-Worthy Comfort

One episode of your favourite show could quickly turn into five. Thanks to the super softshell and 5 kilograms of weight that envelop the user in complete comfort and a deep embrace, you’ll stay snug as a bug for endless hours of TV binging. One reviewer thought it was the perfect addition to their family’s screen time, raving on social media, “Just bought this Kudd.ly blanket, me & the girls love snuggling under it for a Netflix night“.

Weighted blankets use deep touch pressure to stimulate the calming effects we typically receive from a hug, relaxing muscles and de-stressing the mind when enveloped under the covers. Jump onto the sofa with this blanket and fall into this sensation of security.

So Plush, It's Lush

This is a blanket you won’t ever have to put away when its clean up time. It looks as good on the sofa as it feels on you. Warm, inviting, and a great addition to any living space, the Kudd.ly blanket comes in the choice of a sleek grey or vibrant blue, so it’s perfect for a range of interiors.

The Proof is in the Pudding

We aren’t talking about desserts here! Hop online and check out their reviews for yourself to see just how many people are cuddling up with Kudd.ly. The brand possesses the highest satisfaction rate in the industry, as illustrated all over social media. With a 30-day guarantee, the company stands by their product’s quality to ensure everyone is happy.

Try it Today

The missing factor in comfort when watching x-factor is the Kudd.ly weighted blanket! So next time you’re about to hunker down for the night with your favourite snacks and top TV shows, make sure you get the most out of your screen time by curling up with a weighted blanket.
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