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Man Finds Last Video Filmed by Grandmother, One Week After Her Death

Technology has changed so rapidly during the last decade that even the biggest tech geeks can’t keep up with it all. Between mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, computers, drones and laptops, there are so many different ways to communicate that it can be overwhelming.

Jordan Wallace with his grandma’s phone

Older generations sometimes have difficulty staying up to date on the newest gadgets, so they often turn to relatives to help them keep their devices running. Recording a video on a mobile phone isn’t always simple for everyone.

Jordan Wallace is familiar with this dynamic. Wallace found a video made by his grandmother, showing how she is struggling to record a video on the phone. She accidentally hit the record button, making a video rather than doing what she set out to do, which was take some photographs.

Wallace found this video when he was going through his grandmother’s phone one week after she died. What he found was his grandmother’s last video. Even though she accidentally made the video, it is something her whole family treasures. Everyone can empathize with her confusion on how to get the settings just right.

Wallace’s grandmother chats about the problems with the phone in her lilting English voice, showing the lovely flowers in her back garden. When Wallace posted the video online, it became a viral sensation, racking up over 1,400,000 views. Wallace is donating any funds raised by the clip to Cancer Research UK.

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