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Kudd.ly vs Oodie

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Introducing the latest hooded blanket to enter the market—The Kuddly Hoodie Blanket. An extremely cosy, massive hoodie, it’s the warmest, most comfortable piece of clothing you’ll ever own. But how does it match up to the Oodie?

Size Matters

Well… Oodie claims it’s 10% longer than competitors, making them extra comfortable as they cover more of your legs. But we’ve done the measurements, and Kuddly is the larger of the two, making Kuddly the superior hooded blanket when it comes to size and comfort.

Not only that, on the Oodie site they have a graphic that claims their Oodie is a length of 98cm from shoulder to end, but the measuring tape doesn’t lie. In fact, the Oodie measures at a length of 89cm. Seems they got their numbers reversed. Whereas the Kuddly measures at 94cm—a whole 5cm longer.

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Oodie also states on their website that they have the highest quality material, that guarantees exceptional experience and comfort. The Oodie’s cosy, we’ll give them that, but comparing the sherpa interior from the Oodie to the sherpa interior from the Kuddly, we think the picture speaks for itself. The Kuddly Blanket Hoodie is just as comfy and cosy, if not more.

When it comes to quality of design, Oodie falls a bit short in comparison as they don’t provide their lining with a trim, whereas as you can see from the image below, Kuddly does, keeping their hoodie’s sherpa from eventually sagging and peaking after consistent use. Well done, Kuddly!


Considering the Kuddly is higher quality, it’s regular price of £117, £28 more than a singular Oodie, makes sense. That said, the Kuddly offers better deals. In fact, they’re currently selling their hooded blankets for £49 right now!

The one thing we’ll give Oodie a win on is the amount of various patterns they come in, whereas Kuddly currently only comes in 7 colours, but look out Oodie because we’re sure more patterns from Kuddly are just on the horizon.


Get Your Kuddly for £49

Get Your Kuddly for £49

Where the two hooded blankets match in comparison is their returns and shipping. Both companies offer a 30 day return policy, and free shipping:

According to some Oodie customers, there has been a delay of up to 2 months on their orders.

Here’s a quick visual comparison of Kuddly vs Oodie Features:

So all said and done if you’re looking for that perfect hooded blanket for this winter, or just because they’re massively awesome, and a great relaxing, cosy companion, then the Kuddly Hoodie Blanket is the one you want, hands down. 

SALE ALERT: the kuddly hoodie blanket is currently on sale. Get yours for as low as £49 for a limited time only!

Get Your Kuddly for £49

Get Your Kuddly for £49


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