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Which Weighted Blanket is Better? kalmkoala™ vs Mela™

Meet the therapeutic weighted blanket–the Koala Blanket from kalmkoala™! It helps maximize your sleep through Deep Pressure Touch, but how does it square up to the Mela Weighted Blanket? Read on to see which blanket reigns supreme.

Sizing Them Up: Can a Blanket Be Too Big?

With the popularity of weighted blankets increasing, many brands–such as Mela™–have taken the extra step and added a king sized option. However, can a blanket be too big?

Well, the answer is yes–there is such a thing as too big. The whole concept of a weighted blanket is for it to conform to the shape of your body. This gets much more difficult as the size of the blanket increases.

The Koala blanket is perfect because it comes in two sizes: single and double. A double is as big as you should go for a weighted blanket in order to experience maximum comfort.

So, while Mela™ may appear to offer more choices, it all comes down to quality over quantity, and Koala definitely focuses more on the quality of their products.

Quality is Everything

While the Mela blanket uses 100% pure cotton and recycled polyester for the cover, it pales in comparison to the quality of the Koala blanket. The Koala blanket uses a blend of 100% cotton and bamboo, which makes it much more durable.

Bamboo is also more sustainable as it only really requires rainfall to help it grow and has a natural repellent for pests.

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With such high quality, are you surprised that the Koala blanket is a little bit more costly than the Mela weighted blanket? Let’s look at the numbers:

The Koala blanket is regularly priced at £125, while the Mela blanket is regularly priced at £109.99.

*Limited time offer.

However, the Koala blanket is available for a better deal–buy it now for only £79! (Use voucher code on the site for £10 off!)

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Similarities Between the Two

There are definitely some similarities when it comes to the Koala blanket and the Mela weighted blanket. Those include:

  • Double sided (one cooling side and one warming side)
  • 30-night free trial
  • Free shipping
  • 3 weights to choose from

Even with those similarities, Koala still stands undefeated in terms of quality. The bamboo blend puts a sustainable edge over the Mela blanket, ensuring that the blanket is not only comfy, but eco-friendly too!

Shop the Winner

kalmkoala™ puts their customers first, every single time, and that’s why they offer two sizes and three different weights to help you get that therapeutic sleep that you deserve.

They’ve done their research, and I can honestly say that that’s the brand I put my trust in. Join thousands in the cosy, comforting hug of the Koala blanket today!

SALE ALERT: kalmkoala's entire collection is currently ON SALE! Use the voucher code on the site for £10 off!

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