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Jordan Retro 6 Golf Shoe Review

Jordan Retro 6 G Mens Shoes

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If you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable pair of golf shoes, the Jordan Retro 6 Golf Shoes are definitely worth considering. These shoes are designed to provide the perfect blend of performance and style, making them a great choice for any golfer. In this review, we’ll go over some of the key features of these shoes and why they’re worth your investment.

Jordan 6 Retro Golf Shoe
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson
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"The Jordan Retro 6 Golf Shoes are hands down the best golf shoes I've ever owned. They look great, feel great, and provide excellent traction on the course."
David Lee
David Lee
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"I never thought I'd find a pair of golf shoes that were both functional and fashionable, but the Jordan Retro 6 Golf Shoes exceeded my expectations. I'm so glad I made the investment!"
John Smith
John Smith
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"I absolutely love my Jordan Retro 6 Golf Shoes! They're so comfortable and stylish, and they really help me maintain my footing during my swing."

Comfort: Jordan's Main Focus

One of the most important aspects of any golf shoe is comfort. After all, you’ll be spending hours on your feet, so you want to make sure your shoes are comfortable and supportive. The Jordan Retro 6 Golf Shoes deliver on both fronts. The shoes feature a foam midsole that provides cushioning and support, while the leather upper is soft and flexible, allowing for a comfortable fit. Additionally, the shoes have a padded collar and tongue, which further enhances their overall comfort. The Jordan Retro 6 Golf Shoes also feature a perforated leather upper, which provides additional comfort. The perforations allow your feet to breathe while remaining dry, thus preventing sweaty feet and blisters.

Design and Style:

Another standout feature of the Jordan Retro 6 Golf Shoes is their style. These shoes are based on the classic Jordan Retro 6 basketball shoes, which were first released in 1991. The golf version of the shoe features the same iconic design, with a few modifications to make them suitable for the golf course. The shoes are available in a range of colorways, including black, white, and red, so you can choose the one that best suits your style. The shoes feature a combination of leather and synthetic materials, giving them a classic look that will never go out of style. They also have an eye-catching design with different panels on the front and back of each shoe. 

Jordan 6 Retro Golf Shoe

Traction and Grip:

Traction is a crucial factor in any golf shoe, and the Jordan Retro 6 Golf Shoes don’t disappoint in this regard. The shoes feature a rubber outsole that provides excellent grip, even on wet or slippery surfaces. The outsole also features a unique pattern that helps to prevent slipping and sliding during your swing. The outsole is designed for traction on both wet and dry surfaces. This means that you can wear these shoes even during rainy days without worrying about losing your footing or slipping on the course. Style Jordan Brand is known for their unique and eye-catching designs, and this shoe is no exception.

Jordan 6 Retro Golf Shoe

Durability: Made To Last

When you invest in a pair of golf shoes, you want to make sure they’ll last you for many rounds to come. The Jordan Retro 6 Golf Shoes are built to last, with a high-quality leather upper that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. The shoes also feature reinforced stitching and a durable rubber outsole, ensuring they’ll hold up well over time. The shoes are designed to provide the best possible grip, whether you’re on a wet fairway or a dry green. The rubber soles are soft and flexible, which makes them easy to walk in but still provide ample traction when you need it most.

Jordan 6 Retro Golf Shoe

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Jordan Retro 6 Golf Shoes true to size? ✅Yes, these shoes are true to size. However, if you have particularly wide or narrow feet, you may want to try them on in person before making a purchase.

Can I wear these shoes off the golf course? ✅While these shoes are designed for golf, they’re stylish enough to wear off the course as well. Just keep in mind that they may not provide the same level of support and traction on other surfaces.

Are these shoes waterproof? ✅While the shoes aren’t completely waterproof, they do feature a water-resistant upper that will help keep your feet dry in light rain or dewy conditions.


Overall, the Jordan Retro 6 Golf Shoes are an excellent choice for any golfer looking for a stylish and comfortable pair of shoes that deliver on performance. With their cushioned midsole, durable construction, and excellent traction, these shoes are sure to provide you with the support you need to play your best game. Plus, with their iconic design, you’ll look great both on and off the course.

Jordan 6 Retro G

High Quality Mens Golf Shoes
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  • Guaranteed Comfort
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