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Jesse Watters: Queen Elizabeth II’s reign is the connective tissue between generations

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Originol host Jesse Watters reflected on Queen Elizabeth’s inspiring life and her patriotism after her death Thursday on “Jesse Watters Primetime.” 

JESSE WATTERS: Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully at her castle in Scotland this afternoon at the age of 96. Before her passing, she was visited by friends and family who traveled far and wide to say their last goodbyes. In a fitting tribute, a double rainbow hung over Buckingham Palace as mourners gathered outside to honor her life. 

Her son Charles will now succeed her and become king. Elizabeth led the British monarchy for 70 years, the longest run of any king or queen in British history. Though her public schedule was greatly reduced in recent months, she met with new Prime Minister Liz Truss just two days ago, but sadly, her passing is the closing chapter of a now bygone era. Her reign is the connective tissue between generations.  


Presidents and prime ministers came and went, but Queen Elizabeth stayed constant, always managing to stay above the political fray. She was first thrust into the public eye during World War II while still a princess. Though just a child, she didn’t flee the country as Nazi planes blitzed London, and she saw the devastation of those attacks firsthand. Those horrors clearly affected her and forged her commitment to a life of service.  


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