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Is KUDD.LY legit? – A scam detector review


Is kudd.ly legit? YES, it most definitely is, and we highly recommend them. Despite what you might think, here’s definite proof that kuddly is real:

Ever wondered if a company that keeps creeping the Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok Feeds is legit? Like, there are so many scams out there that it’s hard to determine if buying that super lit hoodie is actually going to show up as advertised at your door or if the company is going to take your money and run. 

That’s why we might look to sites like Scam detector, a supposed award-winning site that tells potential buyers if a site is fraudulent, sketchy, or legit. Now, we say supposed award winning because we noticed something fishy about the way they review companies and provide scores. 

But here’s the real question . . .


They’re constantly bringing up this rating of 23.5 and 53 factors, but neglect to outline the metrics of their scoring system and what exactly all these factors are.

They claim they base their information on 53 powerful factors, but then don’t list them. They blatantly go out of their way to neglect to outline the metrics of their scoring system. So, what are these “powerful factors”? 

In fact, they essentially undermine their reader’s intelligence. Here’s a direct quote from their website:

“If you don't know what these terms listed above are, do not worry. We do the hard work in searching deep into the web, so you don't have to. One of the best things about using our VLDTR® tool is that the ranking can't be rigged since it is not based exclusively on reviews that people write online.”

Essentially, they’re saying, if you don’t know what these terms mean, don’t worry because we do.  

How can you trust a site that tells you to trust them when they fail to explain how they actually come to their conclusions due to hiding behind special “insights and metrics and fancy terms?”

Also, The VLDTR® tool that they use has no online presence save for a twitter account that was created in June of 2009 and hasn’t been used since October of 2009

The best part? The website linked to the twitter account doesn’t even work.

Which makes us wonder if Scam Detector isn’t a scam in and of itself. 

Let’s take scam Detector’s review of the UK brand kudd.ly for example. 


They gave kudd.ly a rating of 23.5, literally saying kudd.ly is suspicious as hell. And yet, they claim kudd.ly is a part of the drugs & medication niche. In fact, they mention this throughout their review, going as far as to say that kudd.ly’s Drugs & Medication niche is important. 

Now hold up a second . . . if you actually took one look at kudd.ly you’d see they’re selling blankets, hoodies, pillows, and slippers. 

So where did Scam Detector get Drugs & Medication from?


Yeh, sounds a bit like B.S. to us. 

They also claim that kudd.ly’s domain is so brand spanking new that it’s impossible to launch their business, promote products, have customers purchase and try them, and then get reviews. 

And yet, if Scam Detector actually did their due diligence, they would know kudd.ly has been around for almost two years and was launched in December of 2019 with their first product, the kuddly weighted blanket. 

We don’t know about you, but we wonder if Scam Detector ever heard of the word defamation.


In case they haven’t:

Defamation is the oral or written communication of a false statement about another that unjustly harms their reputation and usually constitutes a tort or crime.”

The fact that Scam Detector blatantly lies about kudd.ly’s start and the niche due to their lack of actual research, and then suggests to their own readers that they don’t have to worry about where Scam Detector gets their facts from is a bit suspect.


  • has been around since December 8th, 2019, and will be two years old this December of 2021
  • is NOT blacklisted nor detected by any blacklist engine
  • HAS A VALID https connection
  • HAS 10k followers on Instagram
  • Kudd.ly HAS almost 20k followers on Facebook 
  • Spotting over 4k reviews on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.8/5

While scam-detector may be a “legitimate site”, they provide little to no evidence of what their research includes and provide incomplete or misleading information to slander kudd.ly™. 

With thousands of satisfied kudd.ly customers, these allegations just don’t add up. 

Kudd.ly is a legit UK based company

As such, we wouldn’t put kudd.ly and scam in the same category, nor would we put kudd.ly and fraud in the same category because from what we’ve seen from customer reviews and our own experiences with the company, kudd.ly is legit and pretty amazing in our eyes. 

They offer a 30-day trial on all their products as well as free shipping and like any company these days with the pandemic and that insane canal fiasco, they might have a few blips in their shipping times, but at the end of the day, if you order something from the kudd.ly collection, you’ll get it as soon as possible and you’ll be happier for having done so. 

With that said, we encourage you to check out their collection today. You never know, you might find something that brings you joy.

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