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How a Weighted Blanket Can Help You Cope While Social Distancing

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Social Distancing is what you make of it. Stay Productive!

Anxious, Stressed, Lonely?

Understandable. But we need to remain calm, think clearly, and make rational decisions. Our income and family life depends on it. Being trapped inside can make this challenging.

But many have found a great ally in Weighted Blankets for maintaining their mental, emotional, and physical health. Their popularity has risen. As a result, despite this economic crisis, weighted blanket sales have increased. Here’s why:

1 – Restorative Sleep 💤

Deep Restorative Sleep - the foundation of Health
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Most of us don’t realize how overworked we are. And our life struggles can be traced back to being “burnt-out”. Sleep deprivation has serious health consequences (cancer, obesity, Alzheimer’s, anxiety & depression). This is our chance to finally catch up on sleep.

This “break” may be a blessing to our health. We can now commit to acquiring optimal sleep patterns to take back our health. Weighted blankets can help.

Numerous studies point to the Deep Touch Pressure of a weighted blanket initiating deeper, restorative sleep.

And it has worked for thousands across the UK!

2 – Enhances Yoga & Meditation 🧘‍♀️

yoga and kuddly together
Weighted Blankets enhancing Yoga and Meditative Practice

Weighted Blankets are becoming a very popular yoga companion and making their way into studios across the UK.

Research explains how the Deep Pressure of the blanket on the body calms the nervous system, thus encouraging lengthening & deepening of the breath. Cloaked by a weighted blanket, you’ll achieve a heightened sense of inner peace & presence.


This is a perfect segue into our next point.

3 – Reduces Stress & Anxiety 🙏

Using "Down Time" to Manage Stress & Axiety

The management of our mental health has never been more important. We’re dealing with a severe economic strain, while trying to elude a deadly health threat. If we’re not careful, this emotional “build-up” can permanently interfere with the quality of our work & relationships.

Similar to a child being comforted by a parent’s hug, the embrace of a Weighted Blanket is soothing & comforting. Scientific literature preaches of the beneficial reactions in the mind/body stimulated by the “Eternal Hug” of a weighted blanket.

4 – Increases Mental Clarity & Concentration 🧠

Maintaining Concentration & Productivity in the Home Office

While it’s impossible to ignore all the gruesome events happening in the world, we have control over our emotional response to stay productive with work or family life.

During this economic crisis many have harnessed the Serenity & Tranquility of a Weighted Blanket, and maintained Emotional Alertness & Rational Decision-making for business & family affairs.

Weighted Blankets have made their way into the home office from the bedroom & living room. Many now own multiple Weighted Blankets!

5 – Couch Surfing Companion🍿

More enjoyable than the theatre when accompanied by a Weighted Blanket!

Snuggle up to your favourite author or binge watch an entire season of a new show. Even the most dilapidated couch can be transformed into a comfy, cosy, sanctuary. Bring your weighted blanket onto the spacecraft to traverse the galaxy or into battle against fire-breathing dragons!

If your couch is already comfortable, experience the deepest, most refreshing nap, from which you will awaken with boundless energy

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