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Do Weighted Blankets Help With Depression

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weighted blankets for depression

The stigmatization surrounding mental health is slowly, but surely being torn down as society continues to have an open dialogue about these issues. More people are getting help, and seeking ways to treat their mental health conditions, turning to medication, and other tools to obtain a higher quality of life.

Weighted blankets have garnered worldwide attention for this very reason, as people continue to discover their unique ability to help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Depression is a mood disorder that is both common and serious. Those with depression understand it can be an all-encompassing entity, a constant companion that dictates every aspect of life.

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So how exactly can a weighted blanket help treat a disorder that can feel so mentally and physically consuming?

Deep Pressure Stimulation

Deep pressure touch is a form of therapy used by occupational therapists meant to produce a calming effect through sensory stimulation of the central nervous system. It is this type of pressure stimulation that happens when wrapped in the arms of a loved one or snuggled up underneath a weighted blanket.

Deep pressure touch activates the parasympathetic system, causing the heart rate to slow while releasing those feel-good hormones to relax the mind and body. In turn, the sympathetic nervous system controlling our ‘fight or flight’ response, is muted. The pressure switches the body from high alert and stressed out, to calm and relaxed, and it is weighted blankets that act as the tool by which to do this.

Those with depression could benefit from using these products at any given time– at home, the office, or even in the car. By wrapping yourself in a weighted blanket, it applies gentle pressure around the body to create these positive and therapeutic effects, enhancing overall wellbeing and diminishing symptoms of depression.

Safe, Non-Addictive Treatment

Antidepressants are the number one prescribed medicine in the UK. In England alone, 7.3 million people currently take this type of medication, with almost a million of those having been on them for over three years.

Approximately a quarter of the entire adult population has been prescribed medicinal solutions that are hard to stop once started, government review shows. If you are looking for a non-medicinal treatment that could help ease symptoms of depression, then weighted blankets could work for you.


The Koala weighted blanket is a safe, non-addictive, every-day therapeutic resource that won’t damage your body over time or make it hard to stop using. As they are non-medicinal, they are therefore not clinically-proven to treat these medical conditions. But that is what makes them so perfect for those with zero desire or inclination to take psychiatric medications.

Aids in Concentration

Many who suffer from depression find it hard to concentrate and complete tasks at hand. Using a weighted blanket at these times can actively increase the body’s cognitive response.

It is that deep pressure touch working again to increase blood circulation and improve concentration while dampening outside sensory distractions. Many occupational therapists prescribe weighted blankets to those with ADHD and other sensory disorders for this very reason.

One Canadian health study looked at the use of weighted blankets for self-regulation in pediatric patients. The research illustrated that patients had a change in cognition, with increased participation in school/work, improved ability to perform daily activities, with decreased agitation and aggression when using a weighted blanket.

Makes Self-Care Easier

In England alone, 1 in 6 people experience a mental health problem, like depression or anxiety, in any given week. Weighted blankets are a great tool to ensure a bit of self-care on those harder days and weeks.

These heavy blankets provide those with depression a tool by which to improve quality of life. Keep the weighted blanket close at hand to use when lounging on the settee, or snuggled up in bed, and get more out of your downtime.

Relax quicker and ease tension from the body when cocooned in a weighted blanket, and let those negative thoughts slide away.

Low-Maintenance Care

Household chores and daily errands are typically placed on the back-burner when depression rears its ugly head. There is little energy, enthusiasm, or mental capacity to get these things done. The Koala weighted blanket makes these days feel less overwhelming.

This high-quality brand produced a blanket that is exceptionally low-maintenance, making it easy to clean. Tiny glass beads are securely stitched into a durable duvet. The duvet is then placed inside an ultra-soft and breathable cover and secured with loops to keep in place. All you have to do is untie the loops, throw the cover in the wash, let dry, and secure back over the duvet!

Depression can feel all-consuming at times. Don’t waste precious mental and physical energy when you don’t have to. Instead, grab a weighted blanket when feeling overwhelmed to help ease tension from the body and mind.


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