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Chronic Pain Relief Is Right Under Your Feet

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Pain Relief is Right Under Your Feet!

Experts estimate that for every 1 kg of bodyweight, the knees feel 3kg of PRESSURE.

On average a person takes 6000 steps per day.

Even only 5kg extra weight means 90,000kg of extra pressure on the knees EVERY DAY!

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Multiply that over years or decades.

It’s no wonder there’s a Chronic Pain Epidemic in the UK.

A study done by the British Pain society found that 43% of the UK suffers from chronic pain. 14% lives with pain they consider moderately-to-severely disabling.

Here’s my story:

My Knee Pain Made Life UNBEARABLE

As soon as I turned 35, aches and pains started to appear out of nowhere.

Every year, a new body part would start to complain. By the time I turned 40, I could no longer take my dog on our usual 45 minute route. My knees hurt so much, I could only go for walks 3 times per week.

My doctor told me “it’s all part of the aging process.”

He prescribed me some pain killers to take as-needed. No Thank You.

My wife suggested I see a chiropractor. Months of treatments were expensive and didn’t help me at all. I tried multiple physiotherapists. Still no luck.

I was about to give up. The pain had spread to my lower back and sometimes my neck. I was a mess. I started to use the pain killers.

Pain Relief Journey Started with a Single Step

One evening, I was climbing out of my car when I saw a strange man run up to my neighbour’s front door. I finally realized the strange man was actually my neigbour who had lost a lot of weight. I didn’t recognize him because he was in his running gear and 15kg lighter.

I congratulated him on his amazing accomplishment and told him there’s no way I could run because of my painful knees.

“I was the same as you”, he said. He took off his running shoes and slipped into an orange pair of slippers.

“I started wearing these as much as possible”. He pointed to his feet. “They feel unbelievable and cushion my every step. My aches and pains slowly disappeared. One day I woke up and my knee pain was gone. Years of knee pain…GONE! I was so amazed and energized I decided to take up running again.”


He gave me the link to a product called the kudd.ly™ Kloud Slider.

“Wear them as much as you can. Amazing things will happen!”

I ordered 3 pairs – Orange, Yellow and Pink (for my wife).

“I couldn’t remember the last time I walked pain-free”

But then years of tension melted away with each step. It was MINDBLOWING!

Within the first 5 steps of my new kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders, it felt like a great weight was lifted from my shoulders, back, knees and feet. My whole body began to relax. Each step I took felt so pleasurable.

I was amazed at how something so simple and lightweight could make such a difference to how my body felt when walking and standing.

I discovered that the CUSHIONsoft™ material on the Kloud Slider is responsible for changing how my foot responds to ground contact. This is what I found:

EVA: stands for Ethel Vinyl Acetate which is a lightweight foam containing air bubbles that compress to provide cushioning. This is the backbone of CUSHIONsoft™Technology.

Stability:  Highest grade EVA acts as an intuitive memory foam providing ankle stability unique to each wearer.

Cushioning: Thousands of micro air pocket provide rebound-effect for maximum shock-absorption.

Lightweight: minimalist design to remain lightweight while retaining stability and cushioning

Grip: molded to mimic the sole of military boots protecting the wearer from slips and falls.

Durability: rigourous durability testing vs. 37 other brands found kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders retained Stability and Cushioning the longest.

My body was able to heal once I removed the constant pain and tension created by improper footwear. While in the Kloud Sliders, my body slowly started to revert back to its natural state.

I now move freely and with confidence. I can now exercise regularly and pain-free. I have already lost 10kg and am currently training for my first half-marathon!

Many thanks to my kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders.


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