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Battle of the Weighted Blankets: kalmkoala™ vs. Gravity®

If you still don’t own a weighted blanket, then you’re really missing out on one of the trendiest items to hit the market lately. Weighted blankets provide some fantastic benefits, such as improving sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, and helping alleviate symptoms of autism, fibromyalgia, and Alzheimer’s.

Our team has tried many different brands, including Mela and Hush, and have come to the conclusion that the top two have to be the kalmkoala™ Koala Therapeutic Weighted Blanket, and the Gravity® Blanket UK.

Here’s how the two compare:


So, what makes these two weighted blankets all that comfortable? Well, both brands make use of micro-glass sand beads. These glass beads are environmentally friendly, are compact in size, and are ultra-silent, so you don’t even notice them.

Because these beads are glass, they’re much smoother and less noticeable than plastic ones. Each bead is sewn into an individual pocket, so the weight is evenly distributed throughout the blanket.

Despite both the Koala Blanket and the Gravity® Blanket using the glass beads, you can see from the picture below that Koala’s design is much smoother and more compact when compared to the Gravity® blanket.

Let’s be honest, no one wants to lug around a hefty looking blanket, because it just feels overwhelming. The Koala Blanket’s sleek design makes it easier to feel relaxed and not worried about a bulky blanket–after all, a weighted blanket is meant to help you relax.

When we’re talking about comfort, the materials on the outside are just as important as what’s on the inside. The Koala Blanket has a cover that was designed with two distinct sides. There’s a soft mink side that will help warm you up during the colder days, while the bamboo-silk side helps cool you down.

In comparison, the Gravity® blanket has a cover that is made from just 100% cotton (though Gravity® does claim to use velvet). There really is no contest between the two, as our team has agreed the Koala blanket is much more comfortable and just feels great on the skin.


Sure, you love your weighted blanket, but are you prepared to clean it? kalmkoala™ and Gravity® both use tying technology to fasten their blankets into their covers, but there’s a huge gap between how effective each is.

What do we mean? Well, the Koala Blanket is designed so that there is a tie at each corner. This makes the cover fit nice and snug and feel like one cohesive unit. The Gravity® blanket has their ties four inches below the corner, so there ends up being an empty segment.

Our team didn’t like the disconnected feeling of the Gravity® blanket, because it made it obvious that the cover and blanket were two separate parts. Despite these differences, both blankets are fairly easy to clean.

There is one other caveat with the Gravity® blanket, though. We’ve noticed that it picks up dust, fluff, and other unwanted bits pretty easily. This means that it’ll have to be cleaned much more often than the Koala Blanket. This also means that it will wear down faster.

Gravity®’s response to this is that you can put the whole blanket into the wash (cover and duvet) to save some time untying it. Our concern? Washing machines have a weight limit, and an 8kg or 12kg blanket may cause expensive issues.


Both the Koala Blanket and the Gravity® Blanket change their price depending on the size of the blankets themselves. Below we have a price comparison of blankets of the same size:

Koala Blanket 135cm x 200cm, weighing 4kg = £165

Gravity Blanket 135cm x 200cm, weighing 4kg – £149

As you can see, the Koala Blanket is a bit pricier than the Gravity Blanket for the same size.

However, the Koala Blanket is always having incredible promotions. In fact, it’s on sale right now for the low, low price of £79!


Want the gist of it? The Koala Blanket is the better choice. Here is the evidence submitted to back up this claim.

  1. The Koala Blanket is much more comfortable than Gravity®. The materials used are of the highest quality, and feel great on your skin and body.
  2. It’s much more accessible and feels cohesive thanks to its strategic tie system
  3. The quality matches the price––which is unbeatable thanks to frequent promotions

REMEMBER: kalmkoala™ is always running promotions. Get your very own Koala Therapeutic Weighted Blanket for only £79! This is the lowest price we’ve seen. Ever!


Enjoy the soothing sensation of the Koala Blanket, risk-free, thanks to their 30-day money-back guarantee.

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