A Man Carried a Dog into the Vet’s Office, and They Were Horrified by What They Saw

It was an ordinary day at a Russian veterinarian office in the Republic of Buryati until a good samaritan walked in with an animal that had suffered a terrible tragedy. The vet, although used to seeing sick animals, was blown away over the dog’s condition. The good samaritan said that he saw the dog on the street and it was clearly in pain. The dog wasn’t moving, and clearly needed help. He thought quickly and brought her to the vet, knowing that if he left her on the street, she would surely die.

This dog survived brutal torture

The dog had clearly been tortured. She had three paws and one nose cut off, putting her at risk for developing an infection. Vets got to work treating the dog, naming her Druzhok, which means “Little Friend” in Russian.  “It looks like she was butchered. The cuts are very precise, the one who did it cut her joints like a professional butcher,” said Yekaterina, a clinic volunteer.  

Vets were shocked at the fact the dog was still alive

The vet clinic’s staff bandaged Druzhok’s wounds and believe she will make a full recovery. It’s troubling to think about what depraved individual would do such a thng, but the team is focusing on getting her well. They do have one clue, however: “The dog is deeply stressed and shocked. She shows signs of being afraid whenever a man approaches, so probably the one who tortured her was a man,” according to Yekaterina. The vet office will next to work to finding Druzhok the loving home she deserves. Sadly this isn’t the first case of a dog having its nose cut off — the same thing happened to a dog in Detroit.




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