2% Cashback When You Shop at Zara

Select “Pay it all now” at checkout to earn Zilch Rewards.

✅ Earn cashback at 5000 more stores across the USA
✅ No monthly fees
💚 Or spread payments over 6 weeks with 0 interest

How Cashback Works

💚 Instantly get 2% cash back in Zilch Rewards when you select “Pay it all now” at checkout.

💚 Put it towards your next purchase or save for that special something.

💚 Some cards only allow rewards on the first $1000 spent in a month. With Zilch, earn 2% cashback on every Pay-in-1 purchase you make.

💚 And unlike those cards that only offer rewards for certain vendors, you can earn Zilch rewards ANYWHERE Mastercard is accepted.

Or Buy Now, Pay Later With Zero Interest!

✅ For bigger purchases, split payments into 4 installments (over 6 weeks). This will help you stay within your monthly budget.

✅ Zero interest, zero fees when you pay in installments with Zilch.

✅ With the Zilch app, you’ll always be notified when a payment will be coming out of your account.

How Pay in 4 Works

Download the Zilch App

✅ Browse your favorite stores online.

✅ Manage payments or enable Auto Billing so you never miss a payment.

✅ Pay-in-1 to earn 2% cashback or Pay-in-4 with zero interest.

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