Zilch, the Best Buy Now, Pay Later Service

Like many, over the past year, my financial situation has changed drastically. Finding ways to pay for my essential needs and wants has proven difficult. Zilch changed that for me.

Zilch is a buy now, pay later service. It allows you to purchase what you want now and pay off your bill in four payments spread across 6 weeks.

When comparing other BNPL services, Zilch was the most consumer friendly to me:
  • Signing up was easy and free
  • You never have to worry about overspending
  • Zilch doesn’t charge interest or hidden fees.
  • The payment plan is easy and flexible
  • The customer service and support is super helpful
If you have a large one-off purchase, but aren’t able to afford it right now, Zilch is a great option. Zilch helped me buy a new winter coat this year when I didn’t have the funds to pay for such a big purchase up front. Being able to spread those payments out into much smaller payments was a huge deal for me. Choosing to sign up for Zilch could be the one thing to help make your days a little bit easier. Especially now, when online shopping is the best way to shop.

Signing Up for Zilch

Signing up for Zilch was super easy. All I had to do was head to the site and enter my email address. Then I needed to fill out my account information. They needed proof of who I was. I had to upload a selfie holding up my photo ID. I also needed a valid UK phone number and UK issued debit card (this is the card that will be linked to your Zilch account). Once confirmed, they performed a soft credit check. This will not affect your credit score. Then I was given my Zilch virtual mastercard and my spend amount. I was then able to start shopping. It was super easy, and super quick.

Easily Manage Your Spend

I never feel like I have to worry about over spending. Zilch only allows you to buy and pay off one purchase at a time. This is so you never have to worry about going into debt with Zilch.

Your ability to make another purchase using Zilch will only be available after you’ve paid off your first purchase. You also can’t pay off your Zilch instalments early. This is for the user’s protection. If someone were to ever get your card information, they won’t be able to buy something, pay off the entire purchase and keep buying with your Zilch card.

The more you use Zilch, the more chance you’ll have of upgrading your account to a higher spend.

Zilch Boost

Zilch offers Zilch Boost for select users. Zilch Boost is for when you want to make a purchase that’s a bit above your available spend.

When using Zilch Boost, you can make a purchase that is twice the amount of your available spend. Keep in mind that when you buy something with Zilch Boost, anything above your available spend will be added to your first payment and billed to your account at the time of purchase.

No Interest or Hidden Fees

What I like most about Zilch is how they never charge interest and I have never been surprised by hidden fees.

Zilch makes their money from the retailers their customers buy from. It literally costs zilch for their users.

When using Zilch, all I have to think about is paying off my purchase.

How the 4 Payments Over 6 Weeks Works

The four payments are consistent. They are spread out over 6 weeks and occur every 2 weeks. When you first purchase something using Zilch, you will pay the first 25% of the purchase price upfront. The next 25% of the purchase price will be taken on day 14. This means you will have paid for 50% of your purchase. On the 28th day after your purchase, you will pay the next 25%. This means you will have now paid for 75% of your purchase. On day 42, you will pay the last 25% of your purchase, and will have paid back the full amount. At this point, once you’ve paid back your full purchase, you will be able to purchase a new item with Zilch. Zilch’s customer service will also send you email reminders 2 days before your next repayment is taken.

Great Customer Support and Communication

My biggest question when signing up for Zilch was what would happen if I missed a payment?

Basically, your access to Zilch would be suspended. That said, I never felt like that would happen to me and I really appreciate the amount of communication Zilch has with their users.

The customer service is really helpful. They are always there to help. If you feel as if you won’t be able to make one of your payments, you can always reach out to them before the amount is due and they will help you.

Zilch wants you to always have access to your Zilch account. This is why they always send emails to remind you of any upcoming payments.

Zilch is the Best Buy Now Pay Later Service

Zilch is one of the only BNPL services that won’t charge you interest or extra hidden fees. They truly took everything all those other BNPL services have to offer and made their service more consumer friendly. You’ll never fall into debt. Zilch won’t let you. If you’re going to use a buy now, pay later service to shop online for one-off purchases, I strongly recommend using Zilch.
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