Zilch Sent Me £15 — Here’s How To Get Yours

Get £15 free from Buy Now Pay Later provider Zilch!
Keep reading to find out how you can get free money from Buy Now, Pay Later provider Zilch!

Let’s be honest, we could all use a few extra pounds in our wallets these days, and luckily, Zilch is literally giving money away to its users! 

Zilch’s service and features are so incredible that I’ve been telling everyone I can about them. They are trustworthy and the app is really simple to use. And the best part is, I earn an additional £15 for each person who signs up with my unique referral link!

I just got my sister to sign up this morning. She was the 5th person I’ve introduced to Zilch, and that means–since they offer a bonus rate of £50 for every 5th referral–I’ve made a total of £125!

It’s super easy to take advantage of this offer. But it’s only running for a limited time, so keep reading to learn how you can maximize your rewards.

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Here’s How To Get Your Free £15

Step 1: Sign up through this link and add your bank card.

Step 2: Choose the online retailer you want to shop from.

Step 3: Scroll down to select your Zilch card. Enter your account number, sort code, and CVV.

Step 4: Scroll to the bottom of the page & toggle the button next to rewards balance. The button should turn blue and indicate a £15 discount.

Step 5: Click  “Enable” for your chosen store. You will be taken to the retailer’s website.

Step 6: Shop as normal and use Zilch as your method of payment. Your £15 voucher will be applied at checkout.

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So, what is Zilch?

Zilch is one of the UK’s leading Buy Now, Pay Later service providers. I (along with literally millions of other Brits) use Zilch to pay for everyday necessities as well as major one-time purchases that would usually put a strain on my budget.

Zilch has thousands of positive reviews!

Paying with Zilch makes shopping online and in-store easier and more affordable. Earn cashback when you pay for your whole purchase upfront with your Zilch card or split the cost into 4 instalments and pay over 6 weeks at 0% APR.

There are several features that I think set Zilch apart from other BNPL services.

  1. Earn 2-5% cashback.

Zilch is the only BNPL service provider to offer 5% cashback. Most credit cards offer 1% cashback, so you’re getting a sweeter deal with Zilch. 

  1. Tap and pay anywhere.

Zilch is the only BNPL service that can be used online and in-store, anywhere that accepts MasterCard.

Zara UK, JD Sports, Nike, Tesco, Amazon, and Uber Eats are a few of the brands you can use Zilch to shop at.
  1. Commitment to responsible lending.

Over 1 million users love Zilch for its commitment to responsible lending. Instead of charging predatory fees and interest rates, Zilch places a hold on your account when you miss a payment.

In order to protect you from potential fraud or theft, Zilch requires you to pay your first purchase in full before you can begin making more.

  1. A Snooze or a Boost if you need it.

Zilch’s Snooze feature allows users to place a temporary hold on their payments for a few days.

The Boost feature allows users to make purchases over their spending limit, provided they pay the total amount that exceeds their limit at the time of purchase. 

  1. Simple sign-up process.

Sign-up typically takes about 3 minutes and requires only a soft credit check, meaning your credit score will not be impacted.

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What makes it different from all the other BNPL services?


Zilch is one of the fastest-growing BNPL service providers for a reason. 

Sign up now to get your free £15, and start referring your friends to earn even more!

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