Zilch Gave Me £10 – Here’s How To Get Yours

Zilch is literally giving money away, just for signing up! You can instantly spend it online at shops like Amazon, Tesco and 4000+ other stores.

Zilch, is a buy now pay later company and is one of the UK’s hottest start-ups, they were recently valued at £2 billion!

There is no minimum, so you can simply get something for £10 completely free!

How To Get Your £10


Sign up to Zilch
(it takes approx. 2 minutes)

 🎉 You will get this message after registration!

Once registered,
choose where you want to shop.

(I used Amazon but they have 4000+ partners)


IMPORTANT! On the Zilch Shop Page,
toggle the discount button.

(This allows the £10 discount to be applied to your Zilch account.)

Hurry! Claim your £10
before the promotion ends.
Claim Your £10 Now
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