Why the Weighted Blanket is Your Next Investment

November 5, 2019

…because it will provide:





And getting deep, restorative, therapeutic sleep might save your life.

At the very least, it will greatly improve the quality of your life.

Nothing can do what the Weighted Blanket can do

(drugs can’t do it, supplements can’t do it, nothing can do it…)

Your mother can almost do it. She comes the closest.

Your significant other can almost do it. Same with your grandparents.

OK…What’s So Special about Weighted Blankets?

Weighted Blankets provide DPS. Deep Pressure Stimulation.

It’s simple. DPS is a gentle but firm pressure to the your body (most commonly experienced as a hug). It has been shown to calm the symptoms of anxiety (look it up) because of the chemical reaction it provokes.

The feeling of being comforted happens at a biochemical level. It’s the secretion of calming hormones, particularly Oxytocin that are at work.

So as long as you have the blanket on you, you’ll be receiving the calming benefits of DPS!

(See if your grandmother can accomplish that!)

This CALMING EFFECT promotes a…





And as we told you before, sleep will be the backbone of any plan to restore your Health and Happiness.

A Weighted Blanket will give you the sleep that will change your life (and be the HUG THAT LASTS FOREVER)!


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