Why to Fear Your Credit Card

Why to Be Terrified of Your Credit Card (3 Reasons)

And the Solution that Helped Eliminate My Debt

Overwhelmed by credit card debt?

That was THEIR PLAN all along. The goal of every credit card company is to make money off of you. Don’t believe me? Read about the 3 ways Credit Card companies are out to get you:


The whole operation is rigged to collect fees on a regular basis.

But do you know what really makes Credit Card companies salivate? It’s the thought of how much they’ll collect on the interest payments to your “Balance Owing”.

2) Your “Balance Owing” Makes Them Salivate

At the mercy of her Unpaid Balance

Trust me…they want your “Balance Owing” to grow. They want you to be forever paying interest. And their plan is working. Do you want proof?

For the end of February 2021, the UK’s total outstanding credit card debt was £54.7 Billion.

That’s £54,700,000,000.  Remember, they earn approximately 20% on whatever  amount is outstanding on any Balance Owing.

I’ll let you do the math.

3) They Encourage Irresponsible Spending

With credit cards, you don’t have to possess the money to spend it.

Meanwhile, 1-click-purchasing has become so commonplace, purchasing has become a reflex – absent of any thought.

An impaired appreciation for the value of money results since it’s so easy to spend. Reckless spending leads to irreversible credit damage and crippling debt. This is a difficult hole to dig out of. Interest payments can burden you for the rest of your life.

This was their plan all along.

I Found a Solution

I Found a Solution

I’ve become responsible with my spending. I’ve been paying off my debts with increasing momentum. And now my credit card only exists for emergencies.  I couldn’t have done this without the help of a service called Zilch.

Zilch is an interest-free, no fee, Buy Now, Pay Later service that has allowed me to make important purchases while remaining within with my monthly budget.

Zilch. Better Than Cash – HOW IT WORKS

After making all my monthly payments, buying groceries, and making responsible deposits into my savings account, it often means I have to wait an extra month or two for a big purchase, like a new pair of trainers.  Enter Zilch.

Screenshot from the Zilch "How it works" page

By using Zilch, I can take my new Nike Trainers home today, and pay for them in 4 installments spread across 6 weeks. That gives me an extra paycheck to come up with the funds.

No Overdraft, Fees, or Debt

So I’ll pay 25% for my Nikes up front. Then an additional 25% is withdrawn from my bank account every 2 weeks until it’s paid off (4th and final payment occurs after the 6th week).

The best part is:

  • No Fees
  • No Interest
  • No Overdrafts (you’ll never fall into debt)

If I miss a payment, my Zilch card is placed on hold until I pay back my purchase. So I’m safe from falling into debt.

Then how does Zilch make money?

Zilch Earns Money From the Brand You Purchase From

Zilch Earns Money From the Brand I Purchase From

When I purchase trainers from Nike with my Zilch card, Nike pays Zilch a small commission.

Zilch isn’t interested in capitalizing on my debt.

Zilch is interested in their customers enjoying the things they want, when they want it!

It’s that simple. No fees, No Interest, Never fall into debt. Everybody wins…which is why I love Zilch!

I Signed Up & Purchased My Trainers Within Minutes

I Signed Up & Purchased My Trainers Within Minutes

Signing up for Zilch was simple and quick.

1) Go to Zilch.com, enter your email address.

2) Fill out account information

3) Provide identification (upload a selfie holding photo ID), valid UK phone number and UK issued debit card (this is the card that will be linked to your Zilch account).

4) Once confirmed, they perform a soft credit check. This will not affect your credit score. You will be given a Zilch virtual Mastercard and a “spend amount”.

You’re now ready to Zilch your first purchase!

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