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The Abandoned Fishing Village Taken Over By Nature

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By Pen Cooper

Off the eastern coast of China, along the Yangtze River opening, a deserted fishing village is being taken over little at a time by the forces of nature.

Located on Gouqi Island, Houtou Wan Village belongs to a body of 394 islands called the Shengsi Islands of the Zhoushan Archipelago. It’s one of the examples among many small villages in China that have turned into ghost towns due to urbanization, inaccessible areas, depletion of resources, and other shifts in industry.

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About half a century ago, the Houtou Wan Village was previously a thriving settlement that was gradually deserted as the small bay is no longer enough to meet the needs of the growing number of fishing boats.

Over few decades ago, nature began to reclaim the villages’ land which became a hauntingly beautiful wonderland empty from human presence except for some wandering tourists and a small number of elderly residents refusing to vacate their birthplace.

Houtou Wan Village 1

Houtou Wan Village 2

Houtou Wan Village 3

Houtou Wan Village 4

Houtou Wan Village 5

Houtou Wan Village 6

Houtou Wan Village 7

Houtou Wan Village 8

Houtou Wan Village 9

Houtou Wan Village 10

Houtou Wan Village 11

Houtou Wan Village 12




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