Millions in the UK Are Using This Ingenious Payment Trick

66% of the us don’t trust that banks are working in the best interest of the British people.

Banks and Credit Card companies make money off of interest when we miss a payment. So the more we fail the more they make.

This is why banks hate that millions in the UK are closing their credit card accounts and switching to this ingenious payment trick. It’s because this unique service actually looks out for the people: 

  • It won’t put you into debt—because it won’t let you. 
  • You’ll never pay extra fees, and it will never charge you interest.
  • You Pay It Back Slowly Over 6 Weeks.
  • Most people are approved instantly for up to £600
  • Allow you to use at 5000+ Stores such as Amazon, Argos, Tesco and more.

So what is this ingenious payment trick?

It’s called Zilch:

Basically, you can buy something now and do not have to pay the full amount upfront. But if I don’t make a payment on time, they’ll charge you interest just like a credit card would. How is Zilch any different?  We’ll give you three massive reasons . . .

What makes Zilch so special?

1. It's the only BNPL service that won't charge you interest.

This means you will never have to pay more than what the item actually costs. So, unlike the banks, or other BNPL service providers, Zilch looks out for you. Shop with Zilch and you won’t ever pay interest. 

Honestly, people love it . . . 

“Great little app and not gonna lie Zilch has become my most used card now my spend was increased to £300 . . . and the rewards scheme . . . it's really great to see a finance company that actually values its customers. I’ve actually replaced my main credit card with Zilch now completely.”

Bob Terwilliger

“I’ve been using Zilch for months now it’s brilliant I don’t even bother using my credit card anymore for smaller purchases under £200 it’s a great card to use.”

M. Harold

2. It's the only BNPL service that allows you to shop anywhere

Zilch allows you to shop with major retailers such as Amazon, Argos, and eBay, whereas the other BNPL services don’t.

3. It's the only BNPL service that is upfront with what your spend limit is

Other services, especially banks, don’t care if you overspend because that’s how they get you to pay extra overdraft fees. 

Zilch won’t make you guess how much you have to spend. Their app will always keep you updated.

I want to Free myself from my credit card to . . .How do I join the Zilch club?

Signing up for Zilch is really easy and completely free. They just released a new app. And you know by doing so, you’re being taken care of: 
  • They give you a certain amount of spend you can use to purchase the item you want, allowing you to shop from over 5000 different stores. You can literally use it anywhere. 
  • Zilch prides themselves on responsible lending. You cannot use more than the amount of spend they give you, and you can only make up to three purchases at a time. This ensures that you won’t overspend and you can easily manage your money. 
  • Your payments are broken up into 4 different instalments that stretch over a period of 6 weeks. 
  • If you’re unable to make a payment and let them know ahead of time, they’re more than understanding and will gladly help you out
  • The more you shop through them and pay your instalments on time, the more your spend will increase
  • Absolutely no hidden fees. You won’t ever pay interest. 
You’ll have exclusive access to their frequent giveaways, where you could potentially win an item as big as an Apple watch!

Save yourself from the bank's dangerous dealings

The sooner you download Zilch’s app, the sooner you can start changing your spending habits for the better.

Remember, banks trick you into spending more so that they can accrue interest. Think about how they offer you deals like transfer your credit card debt at a 0% rate, but only for a certain period of time and then they increase it to 21%. That’s shady. The banks are pretending to do you a favour, helping you save on the interest THEY charge you in the first place. 

Zilch will never do that to you. 

With Zilch, you will never have to pay interest. You will be able to shop anywhere. And you’ll be able to enjoy the things you want without the fear of falling into debt. 

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