How to Sleep Better


  • Chronically fatigued
  • Burnt-out
  • Exhausted

And because of it you’re…

  • Unproductive
  • Irritable
  • Depressed

It can be brutal, debilitating, paralyzing.

It can cost you your job, relationships, happiness.


Lack of sleep (lack of therapeutic/restorative sleep actually) is a modern world epidemic.

And there is plenty of cringe-worthy evidence revealing the wake of destruction it can leave behind.

Think about how complex and important “sleep processes” must be that you are required to be unconscious and immobilized throughout its duration.


Everything that happens during that period is meant to keep every aspect of you functioning optimally.

It’s during sleep (more specifically deep sleep) when all forms of emotional and physical healing take place.

The problem is that often we never get to the deep stages where all the therapeutic benefits occur.

We get stuck in the preliminary stages because the accumulation of our anxiety, stress and unhealthy lifestyle block our entry into the “healing segments” of sleep.

Think about how things start to break down when you’re tired. Think about how your productivity and your quality of life suffers when you’ve lacked sleep over a long period of time.

We understand, sometimes life is so hectic that you can’t get to bed at a reasonable hour, or sometimes responsibilities keep you up at night. We’re not here to judge or to tell you how to run your life because life is complicated.


But what we are saying is that when you do finally lie down, you have to ensure you’re going to make it to the “healing stages” of sleep.

OK I Agree. I'm Ready For 'Deep Sleep'. Now What?

Getting a proper sleep requires a 5-pronged approach. Here are our top 5 Sleep-Aids (in order of importance) to guide you on your journey to a more restful slumber.

Our Top 5 Sleep Aids

#1 Sleep with a Weighted Blanket

Derived from a “Squeeze Box” developed by Temple Grandin that was used to calm autistic and hypersensitive patients.

It’s a blanket – that has been made heavier – with the aid of small beads residing in numerous pockets within the blanket. The deep pressure created by the weight of the blanket has a calming effect. Science has confirmed the blanket’s therapeutic benefits in numerous studies.​

Rating: 5/5



Bottom Line

We suggest you start sleeping with a Weighted Blanket now! Provides immediate results and scientifically proven. Becomes an important part of your Optimized-Sleep-Environment and Pre-Sleep-Routine.

#2 Build a Sleep Routine

Repetition of calming activities (in a routine-like fashion) before bed, signal to the body that it’s time to “wind down”.
Pre-bedtime-rituals promote faster and deeper sleep.

Rating: 4.4/5



Bottom Line

Healthy sleep routines help reduce anxiety by facilitating relaxation. They save time by getting us to sleep faster. And most importantly, they create structure in our lives by helping to instill good habits (breathing and meditative techniques), while removing bad habits (TV, electronic devices).

#3 Optimize Your Sleep Environment

A personalized “bedroom setup” can help promote a more therapeutic sleep. Variables to consider include bedroom furniture (and their positioning), bedding, room color, lighting, room temperature, scents, noise

Rating: 4.2/5



Bottom Line

A personalized “bedroom setup” can help promote more therapeutic sleep. Variables to consider include  bedroom furniture (and their positioning), bedding, room color, lighting, room temperature, scents, noise

#4 Use a Sleep App

Sleep Trackers measure several aspects of your sleep including amount of asleep, quality of sleep, quality of sleep environment, and other sleep related metrics.

Apps like Calm and Headspace have “sleep specific programs” that will help you build a sleep routine.

Rating: 4/5



Bottom Line

Anything promoting good sleep habits gets our vote. But be careful with electronics in your sleep environment. Always be mindful of excessive “screen time”.

#5 Take Sleep Medication or Supplements

Ingestion of sleep supplements/medication promote the biochemical reactions that influence sleep.

Rating: 3.6/5



Bottom Line

A healthier way to achieve quality sleep is through natural methods that don’t require the ingestion of heavily marketed “products”. Diet can provide the necessary nutrients the body needs. Healthy levels of activity and stress regulate hormones that keep your circadian rhythm in check.

I want a Weighted Blanket!

Not all weighted blankets are created equal. We tested 11 blankets available in the UK and narrowed it down to the 3 top weighted blankets based on effectiveness, quality and price.

**Important: There is a £17 discount voucher (“17BLANKET”) you must add after the cart page (On mobile it can be difficult to find. Click “order summary” after the cart page to find the voucher code field). We don’t know how long this code will be active but as of today it is still working.

The Koala Weighted Blanket is our favourite!

The goal of this UK based company, was to create a product that solved the issue of bead spillage, ripping, and uneven weight distribution – issues that other weighted blankets struggled with. After 18 months of development, they produced a product that overcame these struggles, that still provided an affordable price for their customers.

This blanket is made out of organic cotton and the cover is two sided. It has smaller pockets to keep the weighted beads in place. They also use extra strong thread and double stitching to ensure the blanket doesn’t break and spill its beads. This is a big complaint with other weighted blankets so it is nice to see this feature.

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