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“I’ll Be Home for Christmas” Song Lyrics (The Story of A WWII Soldier Longing For His Family)

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Christmas Controversy

After “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” became a hit, Sam “Buck” Ram, a songwriter who later became producer and manager for the Platters, claimed that he wrote a song by the same title which he copyrighted on December 21, 1942, well before Gannon and Kent wrote theirs in 1943. Ram’s lyrics and tune were very different, but he sued the songwriting pair anyway, the courts ruled in his favor, and his name was added to the credits of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.”


Although the song was beloved by soldiers and their families alike, the B.B.C. banned “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” from its playlist for the duration of the war at the urging of U.K. military officials. They feared it would make their soldiers sad, especially as the holiday season approached, and sad people don’t fight so well. 


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