How To Get The Most Out Of Your TV Time

watching reality tv in my weighted blanket
The last time I sat down, switched on the TV, and plunged into a series, I didn’t get past the opening credits before I had to re-adjust myself and find a more comfortable position. Even after I found a good spot, it only lasted a short while before I had to get up and reposition again. When the show was over, and it was time to go to bed, the sense of relaxation I tried to achieve barely touched the sides.
I was not having that. Being the problem solver my father taught me to be, I quickly jumped online and looked for a solution- one that wouldn’t break the bank or shoot too wide of the mark. After scanning a long list of possible answers- I took a chance on a wellness product that has been flooding the market recently- weighted blankets. With current health and lifestyle blogs all clamouring behind these products, I thought, why not give it and try. Since acquiring a weighted blanket for myself, I can see why the internet is abuzz with an appreciation for this product.
After browsing a wide range of products, I finally settled on the brand of blankets. I did this for a number of reasons:

✔ 30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed.

✔ Not happy with the product? Let us know within 30 days for a refund.

I received my weighted blanket on a Friday afternoon. Opening the package, and taking my new cuddle buddy to the sofa, I was not disappointed with the comforts it provided me. This brand’s weighted blanket envelops the user in a soft fabric that securely houses tiny, non-toxic glass beads that evenly distributes weight across the whole surface. Sitting on the sofa, cocooned in this blanket, one hand on the remote, the other unceremoniously tucked into my remaining holiday chocolate stash- it felt like pure bliss. At this point, I knew my weekend was shot. The only logical thing to do was nestle deeper into the sofa and dig into a new series that would last me until Sunday evening.

For many of us, curling up in front of the TV after a long day is the only form of self-care or type of indulgence we can carve out of our busy schedules. For me, such luxuries consist of binge-watching the hottest new Netflix series, or turning on those can’t-look-away-train-wreck dating shows like First Dates. Now with my weighted blanket wrapped around me, I barely need to re-adjust my body when delving into those binge-worthy shows- whether it be one episode or the whole season!

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